Are you a stop out student?

Come back and earn your degree with individualized support for returning students!

Touro University Worldwide understands that you may have stopped out of college for any number of reasons. Maybe you wanted to explore the world, start a family or your financial situation changed. Or perhaps you graduated community college and it’s time to turn your associate’s degree into a bachelor’s degree. Regardless of your story, we support your goal of completing your degree! Stop out students are assigned a single point of contact, who will help you navigate through the to-do list of getting back into the swing of coursework. We encourage you to call our admissions team to discuss your unique situation and put your plan to finish what you started in place.

Online Degree Completion Program for Stopout Students | TUW Online

TUW’s Online Degree Completion Program:

How many transfer credits will TUW take?
TUW will transfer up to 90-semester credits toward a Bachelor’s degree program; up to 12 credits toward Master’s degree program and up to 6 credits toward Doctorate degree programs. For more information refer to the TUW transfer Policy

I took classes so long ago. Will you accept course credits over 5 years old?
TUW recognizes that students may undertake or may have undertaken studies at other institutions that are equivalent to units in their course of study at the University. To guarantee the currency of knowledge, most programs may require students seeking to transfer credit that are more than seven (7) years old to retake courses to meet program requirements.

I need help getting financial aid.
TUW provides personalized help with Financial Aid. Please visit TUW Financial Aid Information page to get started.

I work full time, how can I fit school into my life?
Most of our students are busy, working professionals like yourself—so you’re quite among your peer group in that regard. There are no mandatory login times, exams, cohorts, group projects, or live lectures. Your assignments consist of weekly reading and writing—and all assignments have specific submission deadlines.

Can I attend school part-time?
Yes, All TUW programs are offered part-time and full time; it is your choice. You can also switch between part-time and full-time loads during your program. TUW’s programs are flexible according to your schedule.

I tried on-campus classes. I am not sure online is for me either.
Our virtual campus replicates the on-campus courses. In our virtual campus, students can see each other’s responses and faculty responses at one time in one location. Faculty also MUST engage students prior to deadlines in the virtual campus discussions in order for all students to see their responses so that the entire class can benefit from the student-to-student and faculty-student interaction.

I need to be able to communicate with my professors. How do I do this with an online degree program?
TUW’s virtual campus provides an interactive engagement platform to communication both with peer students and faculty. As a student at TUW, you can contact your faculty at any time view via the platform or email.