TUW Offers Online Degree Completion Programs for Returning Students

Online completion programs from Touro University Worldwide offers busy adults flexible undergraduate and postgraduate degree programsThe longer adults stay in a job and settle into their lives, the more daunting the prospect of returning to school to complete their degree becomes. However, the advantages of earning a college degree, including better pay and job security, make online degree completion programs worth the effort.

If you have some college credits but no degree, you are far from alone. According to research from the National Student Clearinghouse, an estimated 36 million Americans in the United States have earned some postsecondary credits but have not earned a degree and are no longer enrolled.

Online education has helped change that situation. More than 2.2 million students enroll in online bachelor’s degree programs, many of them in online degree completion programs.

Touro University Worldwide ranks among the first schools to offer accredited online degree programs. The school is founded on the principle of using online education to offer affordable, high-quality programs to everyone, regardless of economic status and location.

The school designs online degree programs with working adults in mind. Students do not deal with mandatory login times, exams, cohorts, group projects, or live lectures. Assignments consist of weekly reading and writing with specific submission deadlines.

The programs allow adult learners to hold down full-time jobs and schedule schoolwork around their busy personal and professional lives.

Why Enter a Degree Completion Program?

The numbers around earning a college degree are compelling. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those who earn a bachelor’s degree made an average of $1,173 per week in 2017, as compared to $774 for those with some college credits and $712 for those with only a high school diploma. The difference is even greater for those who earn a master’s degree, where the average weekly salary reaches $1,401.

The chances of unemployment are also less. Those with a bachelor’s degree had an unemployment rate of 2.5%, compared to a 4.6% rate for those with no college degree.

Other advantages include increased critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a higher degree of expertise in your industry, and access to a professional network that can lead to better job opportunities. There’s also the personal satisfaction of earning a degree.

College graduates also tend to have better health, exercise more, smoke less, and live about nine years longer, according to research cited by EdSmart.

TUW Degree Completion Program

TUW offers many advantages for students who might ask themselves, “Why TUW?” The school focuses its online degree completion programs on “stop out” students, a group that includes those who left school because they had to work, take care of a family member, or wanted to take time out to travel. Others earned an associate degree and now want to earn a bachelor’s degree, or earned a four-year degree but see the value in moving on to a master’s program.

Whatever the case, TUW offers help in a variety of ways. One of the foremost is a generous transfer policy that allows students to transfer up to 90-semester credits toward a bachelor’s degree, 12 credits for a master’s degree program, and six credits for a doctorate program. In most cases, TUW requires that the credits earned are no more than seven years old.

TUW also connects students with financial aid, provides a way to communicate with professors and fellow students, and offers a high level of support services to keep students on track to achieve their academic goals and complete their degree.

TUW makes online degree programs open to full-time and part-time students. It’s also possible to switch from one to the other as you move through the program.

Once you factor in the advantages of earning a degree and the convenience of distance learning, an online degree completion program can provide an attractive option for working professionals ready to take the next step in their career.

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