Touro University Worldwide Tuition Structure Benefits Students 

Touro University Worldwide offers a tuition structure that focuses on giving students the maximum benefit for every dollar spent on their education. The university couples this with 100 percent online degrees giving students flexibility in how they integrate education into their busy professional and personal lives.

This approach starts with a fixed cost per credit hour, eliminating the type of fees charged by other schools. The focus is on creating cost-effective, high-value degree programs that meet the needs of students without saddling them with massive debt.

The Touro University Worldwide tuition structure applies to all the university’s online programs. Here’s a closer look at some of the beneficial aspects of the Touro University Worldwide tuition structure.

Fees Eliminated

There is no fee to apply for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at Touro University Worldwide. For doctorate degree students, the fee is $25. Here’s a list of other fees you won’t pay at Touro University Worldwide:

  • Library
  • Media
  • Parking
  • Student ID Card
  • Student service
  • Technology

The Touro University Worldwide Tuition Structure

The fixed-rate for Touro University Worldwide tuition means there are no surprises when you see your tuition bill. The rates are:

  • Associate: $400/credit
  • Bachelor’s: $400/credit
  • Master’s: $500/credit
  • Doctorate: $700/credit

Online Learning

Touro University Worldwide offers degree programs that are 100 percent online at the associate, bachelor, master and doctorate level. The programs deliver quality education in a convenient format, especially for working adults who want to earn a degree while maintaining their current job.

Online programs also offer geographic flexibility. This is especially advantageous for those who live in remote or rural areas or those living with a disability that hinders them from physically attending class on campus.  Some students may also find that local colleges do not offer the degree program they want. Online degree programs level the playing field, allowing anyone to earn their degree from wherever they live.

Why A Tuition Structure Is Important

The Touro University Worldwide tuition structure – coupled with the availability of scholarships and financial aid – is an important part of what the university offers students. The rising cost of college in the U.S. keeps some students from pursuing a college degree. Part of the reason is less state spending on schools, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Whatever the reason, college costs rose at some schools as much as 63 percent between 2003 and 2018. Touro University Worldwide seeks to alleviate that concern for students by giving them a fixed price structure, removing unnecessary fees, and providing access to a wealth of financial aid options.

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