How Do Online College Courses Work?

If you are considering an online education, understanding how online college courses work can help make your experience more fulfilling and enjoyable. You may be wondering things like: How will I attend class? When do I study or take exams? How do I enroll in courses? Will I be able to communicate with my professors?

Not to worry. Online courses are straightforward and easy to navigate. At Touro University Worldwide, we have built a supportive online environment designed to help students adjust easily, and there are a number of resources available to students who need them. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Attending Class

One of the benefits of online education is the ability to attend class when and where it’s convenient for you, instead of having to be in a classroom at a specific time. To ensure that students are getting the most out of the class, though, we offer several ways for students to participate.

Students must participate in thread discussions twice a week, either answering other students’ discussions or initiating comments of their own. These comments must be thoughtful and relevant to the topic at hand, helping other students engage with the subject. Posts must be made once before Thursday and once before Sunday. The flexible time period enables students to participate in class activities whenever is best for them.

There are typically three graded assignments per course for students: a case assignment, signature assignment and self-reflective essay. These assignments serve as a way to synthesize the topics that have been covered throughout the courses and demonstrate how well students grasp the major course concepts.

Accessing Course Materials

Some online colleges still require you to purchase books, but at TUW, our students have access to a vast online library catalog of resources for no additional cost. All of your course reading material is available electronically, including e-books, scholarly journals, educational videos and other resources you may use during your time as a student, making it easy to access all of your course materials from anywhere and at anytime. Because these materials are provided at no cost to you, you save significant money and time. No more scouring used bookstores hoping to find an old edition or wondering what to do with the textbook you only opened once. We also have a dedicated Librarian at TUW that provides assistance to students in utilizing the digital library and its many resources.

Selecting Classes

One of the most complicated parts about earning your degree can be selecting the appropriate courses. Knowing what courses to take when, and then enrolling while space is still available, can be confusing. At TUW, every student is provided with a degree plan, outlining what classes are needed to complete his or her degree. Additionally, academic advisors are available to ensure you get the courses you need to complete your degree, so you can be confident that you will have the credits you need to graduate.

Communicating With Instructors

One major benefit of working on your education online is easier access to instructors. With traditional education, students have to schedule meetings outside of class. For those balancing work and family responsibilities, these meetings are not always possible. With our online classrooms and state of the art Integrated Campus System, talking to instructors is faster, easier and less of a hassle. Many of our students regularly converse with instructors about their courses via email, private discussion and/or phone.

What’s Next?

As you can see, the technology behind online courses is easy to master. At TUW, our commitment is to offering flexible, convenient, affordable degrees to help you achieve your career dreams. Discover which online program is right for you.

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