7 Unique Jobs You Can Get With a Psychology Degree

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychology jobs will grow 12 percent by 2020. However, not all of those jobs are for therapists who work with patients with mental illness, a common misconception for people who consider a career in psychology. Instead, the broad applications of psychology in every aspect of our lives mean that the number of jobs available to those with a degree in psychology is numerous — and surprising. From making businesses work more efficiently to understanding the effect of media on our thought patterns and more, psychology jobs are everywhere.

Consumer Psychologist

Retailers and companies are constantly concerned with understanding who their customers are, which helps them to both attract new customers and optimize the shopping experience for their current customers. Psychologists can help businesses understand consumer behavior and influence marketing campaigns. These experts try to understand how a product appeals to consumers and why. They may also study why people purchase goods and services, as well as analyze what outside influences are affecting the buying behavior of a particular audience.

Military Psychologist

The mental health and well-being of our military has become a priority as soldiers struggle with mental issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. Military psychologists perform various duties, including assessments, treatment and even research. Although many of these psychologists work directly with soldiers, there are several that research military life and combat as a whole. Some psychologists are even involved in the interrogation of captured prisoners.

Organizational Psychologist

The study of organizational structure has started to become an important part of workplace behavior studies. Today, many companies are committed to not only finding quality employees but also those that have personalities and work patterns that mesh well with their future co-workers. Many companies now design and administer their own personality screening tests and employ psychologists to be a part of the hiring process. Some psychologists also study corporate hierarchy to ensure that the structures in place increase efficiency.

Science Writer

This non-research position still involves science, but allows psychologists to explore a variety of fields rather than sticking to one. Science writers may work for trade magazines or the official publications of a particular organization. They may write about new scientific achievements or issues affecting a specific field. There are a variety of magazines, newsletters and websites that have coverage of science- and psychology-related topics.

Forensic Psychologist

Similar to what you may see on television crime shows, forensic psychologists work with local police departments, the FBI, CIA and other groups to understand the behavior of criminals and use that knowledge to bring them to justice. Forensic psychologists are especially valuable in the pursuit of unusual crimes, such as serial killers. These psychologists can help investigators develop profiles of suspects, making it easier to find the perpetrators.

Media Psychologist

Television, movies, music, books, the Internet and countless other forms of media have an incredible, and often unnoticed, amount of influence on our daily lives. Media psychologists work to understand how these mediums affect human behavior. This may include large scale studies or smaller focus groups. Media researchers may even work with media companies themselves to understand what audiences are looking for and how they feel about certain media entities.

Educational Psychologist

A variety of educational entities including school districts, textbook companies and other groups employ experts in the study of how people learn and the effectiveness of teaching methods. These psychologists work to ensure that educators use effective methods with students. They may observe teachers or review materials for a company. They also may introduce teaching methods that could work in new and different ways.

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Legal Behavioral Consultant

Many law firms employ psychology experts for use in trials, both criminal and civil. These consultants may help with jury selection, witness testimony analysis or even take the stand themselves. These consultants help law firms win cases and may work directly with clients or provide empirical research for use in litigation.

Getting Started

If any of these careers interest you, earning a psychology degree is your next step. Touro University Worldwide offers a number of fully online psychology programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. Pursue your career dreams today in a flexible, convenient and affordable format.

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