6 Unique Marriage and Family Therapy Job Opportunities

For those interested in the field of marriage and family therapy, you may be drawing blanks when it comes to brainstorming available careers. Some believe this degree strictly leads to a job as a marriage or family therapist; however, that isn’t always the case. The field of marriage and family therapy can open roads to a variety of career paths and salary opportunities.

Below are six unique career options for marriage and family therapy students that you may not have considered.

Crisis Intervention Specialist

When victims of crimes like sexual assault, domestic violence or child abuse approach the police, they are often referred to a specialist who helps them deal with the problems they are having. These therapists are dealing with patients in extreme lows, and often deal with other mental health issues like depression or suicidal thoughts. A crisis intervention specialist must be able to approach each patient with caution and attempt to assist them through an incredibly difficult part of their life.

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Grief Counselor

The death of a loved one is a difficult event to go through for anyone. Many organizations offer grief counselors for friends and families experiencing loss. This counselor helps families cope with death and the emotions that accompany it. They may work with a variety of situations, from natural causes to a sudden and tragic loss. Counselors must be prepared to help a variety of patients experiencing different levels of loss.

University Counselor

It is very common for colleges and universities to offer free counseling services to students. Whether a student is experiencing high levels of stress or is having a major crisis event, they will often be referred to an on-campus counselor who can help them cope. These counselors must be well versed in a variety of issues, because students are often dealing with many different problems. They may also engage in different group counseling services for support groups on campus.

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Religious Based Therapists

Some religious based organizations offer a variety of therapeutic services that incorporate religious ideals. Some churches offer a premarital couples counseling service, and others provide religious based substance abuse counseling. These services incorporate the traditional practices of therapy but use religious teachings to serve as material for therapists and patients. These therapists work for a wide variety of religions and denominations and may be associated with a church or a separate organization.

Adolescent Counselor

Youth need a different type of care than adults, and adolescent counselors try to assist them with these differences in mind. Issues can include drug use or criminal activities. Furthermore, some counselors may help students through family issues like divorce, or even with moving to a new city. Schools may employ these counselors to help students who may be at risk of dropping out.

TUW offers an entire course based on assisting adolescents. This course covers how problems affect young people differently, and how counselors can use different techniques to work through issues alongside them.

University Professor

As a professor in marriage and family therapy, you will relay the knowledge and experience you have gained to aspiring therapists and counselors. You will also research contemporary issues that may involve extensive work and experiments. For those truly passionate in the field, sharing their findings with the entire community can prove very satisfying.

Getting Started

These are just a few of the options available to students in TUW’s marriage and family therapy program. Our students gain the skills needed to approach these difficult situations that arise in the aforementioned careers. Our courses teach students how to empathize with patients and understand what they are going through. As a result, they will become a guide for those they serve.

At Touro University Worldwide, we train our marriage and family therapy students in several different practices and disciplines. This gives them the flexibility that they can later use to specialize in. While some may focus on working with couples, others may choose to work with young adults or students. We develop our learners into well-rounded professionals so they can enter the field prepared for whatever is ahead of them.

To learn more about Touro University Worldwide’s marriage and family therapy program, visit our program page.

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