6 Advantages to an Online MBA Program

Today’s business world is constantly moving and evolving. For talented professionals to differentiate themselves and move up the corporate ladder, it’s more important than ever to develop a strong foundation of advanced business skills. While more and more employers are looking for candidates with MBAs, earning one remains a tough and daunting commitment for the working adult.

Thankfully, online MBA programs offer a great solution for those in search of a career boost. Here are a few benefits of an online MBA program:

Advantage No. 1

Flexibility & Convenience

Online programs are designed for students who are balancing many different responsibilities, be they work or personal. At Touro University Worldwide, it is our goal to ensure that your prior commitments will not prevent you from earning your degree. Our staff will work alongside you, so you can complete your course work when it is best for you.

Our online campus software makes completing course work easy wherever you have an Internet connection. Class materials are available to you anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks of your mouse. Should technical difficulties make access to your courses difficult, TUW has 24/7 support to help you work through the problem. As an online student, class is always in session.

Advantage No. 2

An Institution that Understands Online Learning

Our online MBA program is a part of the larger Touro College and University System, considered one of the pioneers in the online higher education field. In 1997, we offered the first fully online doctoral program without any residency requirements and were among the first to attract foreign and military students to online degrees. TUW is keeping that tradition alive with its online MBA program. We understand what works and what doesn’t in online learning, and our curriculum is designed to reflect best practices.

Advantage No. 3

Expert Instructors Who Are Leaders in their Fields

Business skills aren’t theoretical; they are practical. That’s why at TUW, our instructors are leaders in the field. They teach with a real-world perspective, so you’ll learn skills that are immediately applicable to your career.

Advantage No. 4

Transfer-Friendly Policies

At TUW, we understand that this isn’t the first experience you may have had with higher education. Our dedicated staff will work hard to bring over as many transfer credits as possible, so you can get a head start on your new online MBA.

Advantage No. 5

Affordable Tuition without Hidden Fees

Although earning a degree is a long-term investment into your future, tuition can feel like a burden. At TUW, we offer affordable degree programs in a world where tuition continues to skyrocket. We also ensure that all charges for your degree are included in tuition, and there are no hidden fees to drive up the cost of earning a degree.

Advantage No. 6

Streamlined Admission Process

For many universities, the process of applying can feel daunting. Gathering transcripts, understanding deadlines and more can be overwhelming. The admissions and enrollment staff at TUW is committed to helping you begin the journey to your MBA on the right foot. They will work hand in hand with you along the way to ensure you receive all the assistance you need. Application fees have even been waived to make applying of no cost to you.

These are just a few of the many advantages to earning your online MBA at TUW. Our online MBA program is built from the ground up to advance the careers of our students through the development of strong business skills. With our online format, you can earn your MBA without making difficult sacrifices at work or home. Upon graduation, you will have the credentials to better your future and the knowledge to excel in the workforce.

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