Achieve Your Career Goals with Degree Programs for Adult Learners

Many adults want to return to college but are unsure about degree programs for adult learners. While their motivations may differ, the bottom line remains the same: Adult learners know earning a college degree will improve their lives.

A recent study from Full Circle Research found 60 percent of adults who do not hold a bachelor’s degree have considered returning to school. A majority also reported a positive attitude about what they believe a degree can accomplish – 70 percent said a bachelor’s degree can prepare adults for success in the workplace, while 70 percent also said a bachelor’s degree is important to secure a job.

So why don’t they go? Many express concerns about cost and the ability to find time for completing a degree.

Touro University Worldwide addresses both issues. The school offers online degree programs that give students the chance to pursue higher education on their own schedule, usually while holding down a job. The university also offers affordable education with fixed tuition prices and many opportunities for financial aid and scholarships.

Many Kinds of Adult Learners

Adult learners have similar goals, but they differ greatly in terms of what brings them back to college. These are some of the frequent categories for adult learners.

Unfinished Business

Some adults may have earned college credits but didn’t have the chance to finish their degree. Touro University Worldwide offers a chance for them to complete their degree 100 percent online from wherever they live. The school offers a generous credit transfer policy, no hidden fees, flexibility, and affordability. Working adults can continue their current job while also getting an education. Touro University Worldwide also offers special incentives for transfer students and has established transfer partnerships with community colleges across the country.

Career Switchers

Things change. What may have once seemed like the perfect career path may no longer offer the challenges and rewards it once held. In some cases, an industry sheds jobs because of technology or automation. Whatever the case, some adult workers find themselves in a position of switching careers. Contacting Touro Worldwide University gives them the opportunity to speak with experts about degrees that can make the process of switching careers go much more smoothly.

Military Students

The transition from serving in the Armed Forces to the civilian workforce can present challenges for military personnel. Earning a college degree online offers service members and veterans the flexibility they need to acquire the skills and knowledge for success in the workforce. Touro University Worldwide works together with service members on plotting their journey to earning a college degree, as well as offering discounts specifically for those in the military, veterans, their spouses, and their children.

Ladder Climbers

At some point in their careers, many adults decide it is time to level up. No longer satisfied with their current positions, they set their sights on moving up the corporate ladder into positions of management and leadership. In many cases, this may involve earning an MBA or another graduate-level degree. Adult learners also may have an eye on salary opportunities: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that each move up the educational ladder leads to better salaries. Those with a master’s degree earn $1.401 a week on average, while those with a bachelor’s degree earn $1,173 and those with an associate degree earn $836.

Degree Programs for Adult Learners

The reasons may vary, but the underlying motivation is the same. Adult learners know earning a higher-level college degree can improve their lives. For those who aspire to achieve that goal, the 100 percent online degree programs from Touro University Worldwide offer a clear path to success.

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