Earn Your Online Doctor of Management in California

Successful organizational leaders possess an innovative spirit, ingenuity, and finely honed management skills. Attaining this combination requires an education that emphasizes these key components as well as theoretical analysis, research comprehension, and methods of applying theory to real-world challenges.

Such education is especially useful for those in California, which employs the highest number of operational managers in the country. Earning a Doctor of Management in California prepares graduates for success in these high-level positions.

Touro University Worldwide’s online Doctor of Management program is designed for senior executives and top management who want to perform better in their current positions and have ambitions to advance in their organization. The degree also prepares graduates to assume faculty positions at universities.

As stated by TUW Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Yoram Neumann, earning a Doctor of Management in California also “enhances academic, research, and application skills for professionals and/or practitioners in the field of management and is particularly suited for those who wish to attain senior management consultant assignments.”

Management in California

California boasts the largest economy of any U.S. state at $2.9 trillion. If California was its own country, it would have the fifth largest economy in the world. That prosperity has led to the need for highly qualified leadership.

Numbers from the federal government offer statistical evidence of California’s success. The state employs the highest number of “general and operations managers” in the country, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Just short of 250,000 work in those positions, which is 50,000 more than the next closest state.

The BLS also reports California had a median annual salary of $137,340 in May 2018 for managers, far more than the national average of $123,880. Both the Los Angeles and San Francisco metropolitan areas rank among the top 10 in the nation for the employment of managers.

Advantages of a Doctor of Management Program

Designed for professionals who aspire to leadership or current leaders ready to improve their skills, the Doctor of Management program at TUW provides preparation beyond the master’s level. The online program’s key features include:

  • Courses taught by scholar-practitioners with experience in the professional world
  • Online classes and coursework that provide students an ability to advance their education while maintaining their current professional position
  • The ability for professionals to complete their doctorate at their own pace
  • Curriculum designed to give students a broader conceptual mastery of the scholar-practitioner model of research in professional practice

The TUW Doctor of Management program is designed to produce scholar-practitioners who can integrate research into their professional practice. These skills are needed in an evolving, highly competitive business world.

Students begin the 100% online program taking courses in theory, research, and application of learned theory and research in the real-world. After completing these courses, students begin pre-Dissertation (Proposal) and Dissertation phases. Students work with a faculty dissertation chair and committee to complete both phases.

For their dissertation, students choose a topic that allows them to conduct applied research that solves practical organizational challenges.

Why Earn a Doctorate of Management in California?

Some may question the value of earning a Doctor of Management in California. However, student outcomes speak for themselves. Graduates from the TUW program:

  • Have the skills and tools to develop researched, evidence-based solutions to challenges in their field
  • Enjoy a doctoral-level degree program that includes faculty research guidance, technology, and learning opportunities
  • Develop professional research competencies that allow them to translate theory into practice
  • Have the skills to become leaders for organizational change

A Doctor of Management in California attracts those who aspire to the top positions in their organization. The TUW program is designed for such students, with the added convenience of online learning that allows managers and senior executives a better opportunity to achieve their academic goals.

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