How Much Does it Cost to Get a Degree Online from Touro University Online?

Touro University Worldwide designed its 100% online programs to provide students the opportunity to earn a degree online while also making it affordable. This commitment is part of TUW’s mission to promote social justice, intellectual pursuit, and philanthropic duty.

TUW is committed to transparency with tuition and fees. Current students pay $400 per credit hour at the associate and bachelor degree levels, $500 at the master degree level, and $700 at the doctorate level.

However, TUW students can reduce costs in many ways. For example, military students pay lower rates. And graduates from partner schools may earn more transfer credits that can cut thousands of dollars from the cost of earning a degree.

The first step for determining potential cost savings begins with TUW enrollment specialists who work with students on financial aid issues.

Benefits For Students Who Earn a Degree Online

Choosing a college is one of the biggest life decisions people face. For a growing number of students, online programs offer the best academic path. That’s because online programs provide financial value to students in many ways.

  • Flexible schedule. An online program allows students to plan classwork around their work and life schedules, allowing them to keep working full time while earning a degree.
  • Save money on travel. The cost of traveling to and from campus to attend a class quickly adds up. Online programs also eliminate on-campus housing costs.
  • Save money on childcare. Online programs reduce the need to pay for babysitters or place kids in childcare for parents.

While it’s not a direct financial benefit, online courses also give students more time by eliminating travel to and from class. That’s time they can spend ontheirhobbies or with family and friends.

TUW Online Program Benefits

TUW offers multiple ways for students to save on school costs. Once prospective students decide to get a degree online with an academic program that fits their personal career goals, the next step is contacting a specialist at TUW to discuss potential tuition savings. They include the following.

Military Service

TUW offers a military discount to active service members and veterans, their spouses, and children. These discounts include a 37% tuition reduction for associate and bachelor degrees, 40% for master degrees, and 20% for doctorate degrees.

Credit For Prior Experience

TUW considers non-traditional credits that students can apply toward earning their degree. This includes military training and experience. It also includes credits earned through the  American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) and The National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS).

Credit By Exam

Students may also earn credit by submitting passing scores from the following exams:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) test
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Challenge Examination (CE)
  • Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

Generous Transfer Policy

TUW also has a generous transfer policy that considers credits earned at other academic institutions. TUW also has a transfer partnership with more than a half-dozen community colleges. They include Amarillo College, Collin College, Del Mar College, Lone Star College, Maricopa Community Colleges, Rio Salado, and Tarrant County College.

TUW is dedicated to giving students a chance to earn a college degree while keeping costs low. It’s one of the many benefits of the school’s high-quality online programs.

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