The Future of Online Learning: How to Find a Respected Online University

Online degree programs have come a long way in the 21st century as innovations in technology continue to improve what universities can offer. However, students still face the task of finding the best online universities among the many options available.

It’s a different process than assessing traditional, on-campus programs. Students must look beyond the surface information and know what the best online universities offer. It’s important knowledge to have, as online learning continues to play a big role in the future of education.

The Advantages of Online Learning

Online degrees are completely legitimate and accepted by most employers. They recognize that the quality of online education from accredited universities is just as high as that earned on campus.

Online learning has also expanded the reach of schools, eliminating geographic boundaries. That alone makes it an important step forward in higher education. Students can now look beyond the schools in their local area. Other advantages of online education include:

  • Flexibility. This ranks among the most important aspects of online learning. Working adults can now improve their careers by earning a degree and schedule classwork around professional and personal responsibilities.
  • Affordability. There’s no need to pay for student housing, parking, or meal plans with online learning. Students also do not have to worry about transportation back and forth to school.
  • Instant relevancy. In the past, life essentially stopped as students went to school for four or more years. Now, students can learn something in class on Tuesday and apply it to their job on Wednesday.
  • Bigger network. With students from around the world, students taking online courses can greatly expand their network beyond their local area.
  • Pacing options. Some programs allow students to learn at their own pace, which provides even more flexibility.

The key to benefitting from these advantages is finding a high-quality program that ranks among the best online universities.

What to Look for in an Online University

Those interested in an online degree program should always research each school they consider. Fortunately, there are key factors that are relatively easy to research online.

Accreditation. The best universities have accreditation from a regional accreditation body. It’s a stamp of approval for colleges. They must undergo a rigorous examination of their programs to earn accreditation. For example, TUW is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

Faculty. Research the faculty for each school. It’s best to find faculty with academic and real-world experience working in their area of expertise.

Transfer credits. Find out if credits earned from the university can transfer. In most cases, credits earned at an accredited school are easily transferred to other colleges and universities. Also, the school should have a generous credit transfer acceptance policy of its own.

Support services. The key to success in an online learning environment is getting support from the school. This includes tech support in working with the online learning system and advisors who help students choose the courses they need and ensure they stay on course to graduate.

TUW Offers High-Quality, Respected Degree Programs

Touro University Worldwide ranks among the pioneers in offering online degree programs, recognizing how it makes earning a degree possible for those who previously could not do so. That includes working adults and students in rural and other areas without access to a high-quality, local college.

Students who apply to TUW have chosen an accredited school that offers strong student support, an experienced faculty, and a generous credit transfer policy. The school’s commitment to fostering a passionate, connected learning community can help students earn their degrees and achieve their academic and career goals.

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