What Jobs Can You Get with a BSBA Criminal Justice Concentration? 

Earning a business degree gives graduates transferable skills that qualify them for management positions in every industry. Business majors with a career direction already in mind can choose to focus on a specific degree concentration. One of the most popular is criminal justice.

A criminal justice concentration is a good choice for students ready to apply their business skills toward helping others and making a difference in their community. Jobs for business majors in criminal justice range from working as a legal consultant for the underserved at a nonprofit agency to working for government agencies focused on protecting victims’ rights.

Earning an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Criminal Justice Concentration also lays an excellent foundation for law school.

What You Learn in a BSBA Program

All majors in the Touro University Worldwide BSBA program learn essential management concepts. They develop expertise in organizing, motivating, and leading individuals in diverse public and private business enterprises. The online program gives those already in the workforce an opportunity to earn their degree while maintaining their current job.

The goal of the program is to prepare graduates with essential business and management skills. These skills allow them to serve society in entry and mid-level management and leadership positions.

The BSBA core curriculum includes courses in the following area, providing students a well-rounded education in essential business concepts.

  • Business Writing
  • Management Theory
  • Management Ethics
  • IT Application in Business Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Finance and Budgeting
  • International Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Law
  • Managing and Leading Organizations

Students can also select several elective courses allowing them to leverage their education into specific interests. These specializations include customer service management, data analysis, project management, supply chain management, non-profit management, and managing a small business.

Criminal Justice Concentration

In the TUW BSBA program, students can choose to complete the 120 hours needed for graduation by earning 12 credits in a concentration. The choices include accounting, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, homeland security, project management, and criminal justice.

The criminal justice concentration focuses on preparing graduates for careers as legal consultants or legal specialists in for-profit or non-profit organizations.

The curriculum includes the following courses:

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System. Students learn criminal justice concepts and systems, including an overview of historical development and expected future trends. Topics include the definition and enforcement of the law, policing strategies, prosecution, adjudication, sentencing, and corrections strategies. Students also learn the differences between civil, criminal, and social justice.

Criminal Processes and Procedures. Students learn the constitutional foundations of criminal justice procedures and processes, including arrest, search and seizure, identification, the rights of the accused, prosecution, adjudication, measurement of crime, criminal law, and sentencing of offenders. The course also covers ethical issues in criminal justice.

Forensic Psychology. Students learn how psychology interacts with the legal system. This includes criminal investigation techniques, criminal profiling, eyewitness testimony, police interrogation, lie detection, and jury selection. The course also covers issues associated with competency to stand trial and offender rehabilitation.

Criminal Justice in World Culture. Students learn the nature of justice in philosophical, historical, and legal terms concerning racial justice, political representation, economic justice, gender and justice, the rights of cultural minorities, and crime and punishment. The course offers a global sociological perspective on law and the courts in criminal justice.

What Jobs Can You Get with a BSBA Criminal Justice Concentration?

Graduates with a BSBA Criminal Justice concentration are prepared for managerial jobs in a wide variety of careers. They include legal consultants, arbitrators, mediators, conciliators, legal specialists at nonprofit organizations that represent underserved communities, and government agencies focused on victims’ rights.

The BSBA Criminal Justice concentration also provides a solid foundation for those who want to move on to earn a law degree.

If you are interested in both business and criminal justice, the BSBA Criminal Justice concentration provides the education you need to launch a career that combines aspects of both. It also allows you to serve those in the community who need guidance on legal issues and navigating the criminal justice system.

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