What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

The business degree remains the most popular degree in the United States, a status it has held for decades. The primary reason is that skills learned in a business degree program make graduates attractive job candidates in various industries, in nonprofit organizations, and even in government agencies.

The skills honed by business degree students are transferable in various contexts. Graduates leave school ready to travel a diverse number of career paths that can range from the accounting department at a large corporation to the criminal justice system.

Those opportunities only increase if a student chooses to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). In addition to the fundamentals of business, a BSBA program focuses on developing leadership qualities that prepare graduates for management positions.

For those wondering, “What can you do with a business degree,” the answer is that job opportunities await in every corner of the nation’s economy.

Jobs You Can Get with a BSBA Degree

A BSBA program offers general business education, including foundational skills in accounting, sales, and finance. The program also teaches students how to develop leadership skills involving communications, decision-making, and business ethics.

BSBA graduates have the skills to work with private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The following list contains some of the most popular career fields. Unless otherwise noted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provided both the annual average salary (as of May 2019) and job growth numbers by 2029.


Accountants work at the center of any operation, overseeing the preparation of financial reports for both internal and external use. The median annual pay is $71,550. The job growth projection is 4%.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers focus on the promotion of a company’s services and products to the public. The work is increasingly done through digital channels such as social media.  The median annual pay is $135,900. The job growth projection is 6%.

Sales Manager

A sales manager oversees sales teams, including the setting of sales goals and training for sales personnel. The median annual pay is $126,640. The job growth projection is 4%.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst guides investment decisions for both organizations and individuals. The median annual pay is $81,590. The job growth projection is 5%.

Project Manager

A project manager leads teams that focus on accomplishing a single goal, which is increasingly how organizations handle work. The median pay, according to the government-sponsored jobs site ONET, is $88,550. The job growth projection is 5% to 7%.


For those individuals who want to run their own business, earning a BSBA gives them all the skills they need. The government does not track what business owners earn, but there are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States.

Those with a degree and experience in their field earn even more. For professionals who want to move up even higher in their organization, the BSBA provides a stepping stone to earning a Master of Business Administration.

Concentrations in the BSBA Degree Program

TUW designed its BSBA program to offer students a chance to concentrate on their area of interest. Earning the BSBA degree requires 45 general education credits, 39 core requirements, 24 electives, and 12 credits in the concentration of the student’s choice.

Those concentrations include:

  • Accounting. Prepares graduates for careers in financial accounting, accounting information systems, cash management, and financial reporting and analysis.
  • Criminal Justice. Prepares graduates for careers in various public and private fields, including the legal profession, criminal justice, and forensic psychology.
  • Entrepreneurship. Prepares graduates to run their own small businesses and analyze the potential for starting new businesses in specific areas of the economy.
  • Human Resources Management. Prepares graduates to become human resource managers, employee training and appraisal specialists, human resource planners, and HR legal experts.
  • Marketing. Prepares graduates for careers in marketing, advertising, pricing, and product development.
  • Project Management. Prepares graduates to become project management coordinators, project management specialists, project management, and team coordination experts.
  • Homeland Security. Prepares graduates for a wide variety of jobs in this growing field, including risk assessment and preparedness planning, domestic emergency management, along with first and second responders management and preparedness.

Advantages of Earning a Business Degree Online

Why earn a BSBA online? It’s the most convenient way for many working professionals – and maybe the only way – they can earn a degree while also holding down a job. That’s why TUW helped pioneer remote learning, offering working adults in all communities the chance to build a career, get better jobs, and earn higher salaries.

They also work with students throughout their time at TUW, keeping them on track to earn a degree and offering tips for success as online students.

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