Careers for Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing Graduates

Few business careers offer more challenges and rewards than marketing, a constantly evolving discipline always at the forefront of organizational strategy. Earning a business degree with a concentration in marketing gives graduates the skills needed to play a key role in developing and implementing real-world marketing campaigns.

Success as a marketing professional requires in-depth knowledge in consumer behavior, sales, marketing management and marketing strategy, particularly digital strategy. Business graduates with skills in these areas set themselves apart from other marketing job candidates.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing emerge with high-level skills and in-depth knowledge of marketing theory and strategies. It also signals to potential employers their commitment to excel in the marketing field.

In-Demand Marketing Skills

Marketing is one of the most challenging areas of business in part because of its ever-evolving set of tools and strategies, as well as the highly competitive nature of marketing. Success requires understanding the various elements that combine to create a smart marketing strategy.

The Business Administration with a concentration in marketing curriculum strengthens student’s abilities in the core areas of marketing while also giving them a thorough knowledge of business operations. Combining these two areas of knowledge makes graduates from a BSBA in Marketing program strong candidates for leadership roles in marketing.

Some of the foundational areas of knowledge marketing managers should master include the following.

Consumer behavior. Understanding the conceptual and theoretical foundations of consumer behavior and its relation to industrial processes. This includes developing skills in customer relationship management techniques, customer identification and customer data analysis. Good marketers also work on developing strong emotional intelligence.

Sales and marketing. Knowing the total marketing process, including customer loyalty and relationship management, pricing, distribution, marketing communications, advertising and how technology impacts sales function.

Advertising management. Developing a comprehensive view on managing advertising in the global marketplace, including media selection, types of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, demand creation and advertising campaign strategies.

Marketing strategy. Understanding the interlocking technologies used to drive internet marketing. Because digital marketing has become such a large part of overall marketing strategy, students focus on online consumer behavior, the design and creation of websites and blogs, and selecting the correct domain name and marketing mix.

Top Marketing Jobs in Every Industry

Graduates with a business degree with a marketing concentration are more likely to land the highest-paying marketing jobs. And those jobs should remain plentiful. Federal projects call for a 6% increase in the number of marketing jobs by 2029.

Marketers also work across all industries. While mostly associated with private businesses or consulting firms, marketers also work for nonprofits and even government agencies.

Some of the top jobs include the following. All salaries come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or Glassdoor.

  • Market Research Analyst. Research markets to determine the viability of success in providing a product or service in the area. ($65,810)
  • Marketing Manager. Leads a sales team or entire department, managing personnel, setting marketing goals and implementing strategy.($141,490)
  • Sales and Marketing Director. Leads sales and marketing teams. ($132,290)
  • Public Relations Consultant. Create products and information that create a positive image for the clients they represent. ($62,810)
  • Brand Manager. Marketers in this position typically focus on one brand, overseeing all promotional efforts around that brand’s product or services. ($100,388)
  • Account Executive. Account executives serve as the primary point of contact between a marketing agency and a client. ($56,844)
  • Media Buyer. Media buyers oversee the buying process and take actions based on the marketing goals and target audience as determined by managers. ($51,307)

The skills and knowledge learned in a BSBA in Marketing program prepares graduates to take on these and other professional marketing jobs. For business students aspiring to a marketing career, it’s a degree concentration that will put them on the path to attaining their career goals.

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