Many students starting college don’t have a clear idea of what major to choose. If that’s the case, some students find that going the general studies route is the best solution.

The major advantage of a general studies program is that it offers students the opportunity to explore their interests while simultaneously preparing them for a wide variety of careers. Students who earn a degree in general studies have numerous career options. Common areas include:

  • Non-profit and human services
  • Management
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Sports/recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Government or law enforcement

The general studies program is valuable because it helps students develop stronger communication skills, increase literacy and math skills, bolster critical thinking and gain a broader base of knowledge in a number of interesting subjects. Some examples include biology, cultural studies, philosophy, social sciences, public speaking and more. The general studies curriculum provides a common educational experience for students as well.

General studies is often cited as the most personally rewarding degree program available to students. Because its focus is broad, students are able to remain engaged in their coursework. They study their favorite subjects as well as those that are completely new to them. This broad focus oftentimes sparks inspiration in students, which leads them to continuing in the bachelor’s degree program of their choice.

A general studies degree serves as an stepping-stone and prerequisite toward further education at the undergraduate and graduate level. The multidisciplinary approach of the general studies program, coupled with the opportunity students have to carefully select coursework based on their individual interests and career goals, makes this option an excellent way to prepare students for further study.

Earning a general studies degree allows students the opportunity to advance their career while completing coursework at their own pace. Students who earn this degree should list the specific skills they learned in their courses on their resume. Students who can demonstrate the ways in which they took full advantage of their university education will have a leg up over their competitors in the job market.