TUW responds to the need for affordable education by members of the armed forces

If you are an active or current member of the military, or even if you are a spouse or child of one, then you can now benefit from the Military Achievement Scholarship program and discounted rates for tuition that is offered by Touro University Worldwide (TUW). TUW is an accredited nonprofit online university that provides a military friendly environment, degree programs all the way up to the doctorate level, and an affordable way to obtain higher education.

About the Scholarship and Discount Program

The new scholarship and discount tuition program is available to active duty, reserves, and veteran military members from all service branches. Even if they are retirees and veterans with an honorable discharge, they are still eligible for the benefits. Their spouse and children can also get access to the scholarship and discount tuition pricing. Additionally, employees of the Department of Defense are also eligible. The scholarship provides 100 percent paid tuition for up to three courses depending on the degree and credits completed at the online university. The discounted rates vary depending on the degree level and are priced as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Programs: $250 per credit hour
  • Master’s Programs: $300 per credit hour
  • Doctoral Programs: $650 per credit hour

Because the university is military friendly, there are other benefits that come along with the program. First, there is no time limit for the military eligible students to complete the courses in order to get the scholarship or discount. Second, the university is waiving the application fee for them. Lastly, there is a complete online library available at no extra charge so the students do not have to pay for their textbooks.

If you are interested in learning more about the university, the scholarship, the military discount, and all of the courses and programs available, be sure to visit the TUW Military Achievement Scholarship website.

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