21 Jobs That Require an MBA

A college degree is becoming the new standard for entrance into the job market. To progress even further in your career, a graduate degree may be required. In many fields, management positions require an MBA, but you might be surprised to know that there are some entry-level jobs that require a Master of Business Administration degree as well. Learn if your dream career will require an MBA to achieve.

Here’s a list of 21 jobs that require an MBA:

1. Accounting

Although becoming a certified public accountant opens a variety of opportunities for you, earning your MBA can lead you beyond staff accountant and into high-level leadership roles. An MBA will give you the management skills and background that larger companies are looking for in leaders. The degree also offers you the flexibility to move beyond accounting and into other business areas. In some programs, you can specialize in accounting within your MBA, making the degree even more valuable in this field. Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders with a focus on accounting include:

Financial Controller– $112,700
Benefits Manager – $95,250
Budget Analyst – $69,280

2. Finance

Many job openings in finance require MBAs even at entry-level roles. Applying with just a bachelor’s degree will not even earn you an interview, especially if you have little experience. To be competitive in the field, this degree is critical. Once you earn the MBA, you can use that experience to help move to higher-level roles. These roles are highly rewarding and will lead to further advancement with more experience.

Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders specializing in finance include:

Financial Manager – $109,740
Financial Analyst – $76,950
Financial Services Sales Agent – $71,720

3. Global Management

With globalization altering how some companies do business, managing moving parts from across oceans has become a necessary skill. With an MBA focusing on global management, you can learn how to run an organization that spreads beyond borders. If you’re interested in working with a large corporation, it’s a safe bet that they will need someone who can coordinate operations in a number of countries at once.

Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders specializing in global management include:

Sales Manager – $105,260
Global Business Manager – $101,000
Operations Manager – $96,430

4. Health Care Administration

As health care reform continues to change how health care is delivered in the United States, the need for business professionals in the field continues to skyrocket. Health-related fields are among the fastest growing in the country, and the need goes beyond nurses and doctors. An MBA specializing in health care administration allows you to capitalize on this growth and enter a position in this industry.

Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders specializing in health care administration include:

Hospital Administrator – $82,698
Health Informatics Manager – $89,782
Medical and Health Services Manager – $88,580

5. Human Resources

Managing personnel remains a key part of success for any organization. By concentrating in human resources for your MBA, you can move beyond traditional roles and into leadership positions. You may even be able to move beyond traditional roles and become a consultant that assists companies with high-level personnel strategy.

Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders specializing in human resources include:

Benefits Manager – $95,250
Training and Development Manager – $95,400
Human Resources Manager – $99,720

6. Marketing

Marketing typically does not require an MBA, but having one is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage in the field. Management roles are typically being reserved for MBA holders, and the skills learned in an MBA program, such as budgeting, projecting growth and analytics, are an integral part of the marketing field.

Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders specializing in marketing include:

Marketing Manager – $115,750
Public Relations Manager – $95,450
Advertising/Promotions Manager – $93,880

7. Nonprofit Management

Many entry-level job holders in nonprofit work have a bachelor’s degree. Although passion for the mission can get your foot in the door, an MBA can help you move into management positions. This work may include running a charity or leading nonprofit operations for a larger for-profit group.

Typical jobs and annual salaries for MBA degree holders specializing in nonprofit management include:

Fundraising Manager – $95,450
Social and Community Service Manager – $59,970
Nonprofit Director – $73,000

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All salary data was compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and career website Indeed.com.

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