What Can You Do With a Health Science Degree?

Earning a health science degree opens mutlitple doors for healthcare career advancement. Reach your potential with an online Doctorate in Health Science.

DHSc vs. Ph.D.: What Path Should You Take?

DHSc vs. Ph.D. Which degree program you choose depends on your specific career goals. Both lead to top-tier careers in healthcare. Study online at TUW.

Should I Earn a Doctor of Management or a DBA?

A doctor of Management degree or a DBA? Learn the differences and similarities of each. Earn your doctorate online at Touro University Worldwide.

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How to Become a Business Professor

Professionals who excel in business hone their abilities under the direction of a talented business professor. Learning to become a successful business leader requires a unique blend of business acumen, leadership talent, and emotional intelligence. Whether working at a community college or an Ivy League school, business teachers have a significant impact on the careers

Careers for Graduates with a Doctorate Degree in Management – Concentration: Strategic Innovation and Change

Earn a Doctorate degree in Management online at Touro University Worldwide. Create a culture of innovation and support strategic innovation.

DBA vs DMGT: What’s the Difference?

DBA vs DMGT? Whether you earn a Doctor in Business Administration or Doctor of Management, both prepare for top leadership jobs. Study online at TUW.

Do You Need an MBA to get a DBA?

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Do You Need an MBA to get a DBA?

Many students who earn an MBA see entering a Doctor of Business Administration program as the next logical step on their academic journey. But while many DBA students have earned an MBA, it’s not a requirement to do so. The online DBA program at Touro University Worldwide welcomes students who have earned a graduate degree

Is a DBA Degree Worth it?

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Is a DBA Degree Worth it?

A Doctor in Business Administration degree prepares students for advanced leadership in a complex business environment. Study online at Touro University.

How to Write a Doctoral Admissions Essay

Touro University Worldwide offers information and tips for writing a successful doctoral admissions essay. Learn more about TUW’s doctorate degree programs.