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Earning Your Doctorate Online

Online students at Touro University Worldwide can earn their degrees at every level of education–associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are all available. Enrolling in online doctoral programs is an increasingly popular choice for busy professionals.

The reasons for earning a doctoral degree are as varied as those who earn it. A doctoral degree provides professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in their field of study, making them more competitive and marketable in the job market. Many also earn a doctoral degree to pursue positions as professors or researchers.

Some also choose to earn a doctoral degree online to fulfill a personal goal or contribute to the wealth of knowledge in their chosen field. Whatever their motivation, doctoral students can benefit from the convenience and flexibility offered through Touro University Worldwide’s six online doctoral programs.

The Popularity of Online Doctoral Programs is on the Rise

An increasing number of professions require education beyond a master’s degree. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that professionals in 63 occupations must now earn a doctoral or professional degree. They include those who work in health specialties, such as physician’s assistant or health science, and postsecondary teaching.

Those who wish to contribute to the latest theories and best business practices also benefit from the expertise gained in a business-related doctoral program. In recent years, enrollment in graduate, doctoral, or professional degree programs has doubled. Adults who have earned those degrees now make up 13% of the adult population, according to the US Census Bureau.

There are many advantages to earning a doctorate, especially online. An online doctoral program offers greater flexibility than traditional programs, allowing busy professionals to complete coursework and assignments on their schedules. They enjoy a better balance between studies and other responsibilities.

Online students also tap into a more extensive network in their online classes, with students from potentially anywhere in the world. This network also includes faculty members and alums from the professional’s field of study.

Can I Earn My Doctorate Online?

Many professionals want to know, “Can I earn my doctorate online?” Touro University Worldwide offers six online doctoral programs in various fields:

Doctor of Business Administration. Tailored to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the theories and research necessary to enhance their competencies in tackling challenges in complex business environments. Upon completing the program, graduates are well-prepared to take top executive positions.

Doctor of Management. Teaches professionals how to apply the scholar-practitioner model to practical, real-world research, using an evidence-based approach to tackle managerial challenges. The program is specifically designed for working senior executives and top managers motivated to further develop their management expertise.

Doctorate of Physician Assistant (DPA). Created for post-professional students ready to advance their careers in various areas of medicine, surgery, medical education, or other health-related fields. Notably, it is the only professional doctorate program for Physician Assistants that can be completed 100% online, without any residency requirements.

Doctor of Health Science. Students learn theories and research in health sciences, building competencies in their allied health professions. This preparation supports them in facing the challenges of today’s culturally diverse, digital, and connected global health environment.

Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology. Students in this program develop a greater understanding of behavioral psychology in workforce applications. They learn the skills to design evidence-based solutions in industrial-organizational psychology that lead to successful change and development.

Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology – Organizational Leadership. Students learn to apply the Scholar-Practitioner Model to real-world research, taking an evidence-based approach to problem-solving in organizational settings. They also develop expertise in applying the psychology of organizational leadership in areas including organizational ethics, the theoretical underpinnings of human resource management, and theories associated with internal and external collaboration.

TUW doctoral program curriculums offer advanced theoretical and practical coursework for a deeper understanding of core expertise while incorporating real-world practices. Online doctoral students enjoy the same attention from instructors and faculty assistance received by those in bachelor’s and master’s programs. They also receive support from IT professionals and academic counselors.

The several online doctoral programs from Touro University Online provide serious professionals an avenue for reaching the pinnacle of their careers and influence within their profession. Start your journey today!

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