Touro University Worldwide Announces New Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Human and Organizational Psychology

One of Few Applied Doctor of Psychology Programs Available Online

Los Angeles, CA – Touro University Worldwide (TUW) is pleased to announce the arrival of their newest program, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Human and Organizational Psychology. The PsyD program’s emphasis is professional-practice and is guided by Touro’s focus on professional graduate education, specifically in applied psychology. Students in the program will learn to apply the scholar-practitioner model to real-world research questions and take an evidence-based approach to solving problems in their profession. It is extremely unique in its availability, being one of the few PsyD programs that is taught completely online.

“The program is really about applied psychology and it is different from a traditional Ph.D. program because it’s a work-based doctorate,” says Dr. Michael Hamlin, Director of the Doctor of Psychology Program at Touro University Worldwide, a fully accredited, non-profit online university. “It is not designed for someone who is on the “traditional” track of higher education, meaning they plan to receive a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and then a Ph.D. It is designed towards working individuals who want to advance their career and refine their own practice, and the courses will give them the tools to improve in their own profession.”

“Most importantly, this is a program where students with outside obligations, such as family and work needs, can still excel,” continues Dr. Hamlin. “The structure of the learning experience makes it more convenient for these individuals and allows a greater number of exceptional candidates to get a doctorate. This is especially beneficial for military students, who need flexibility in their higher education learning experience while facing the possibility of deployment or relocation.”

Currently, there are very few online PsyD programs with this program’s focus, and Touro’s program is even more unique in that it has three tracks for candidates to take.

  • The first track is Individual Change and Development, which is tailored towards therapists and other mental health and health-care professionals who are interested In creating evidence-based solutions to problems related to behavioral change.
  • The second track is Organizational Change and Development, which is designed for professionals in profit, not-for-profit and military settings who are interested in developing evidence-based solutions to address concerns in the areas of organizational design, development and change.
  • The last track is the Leadership and Innovation track. This track is intended for students who are in business or other professions and want to learn how applied psychology principles can be utilized to develop best-practices in leadership and innovation in their professions. Military students will also find this third track especially beneficial, as they most likely already have a leadership background and the PsyD program will allow them to hone their skills they define and apply best-practices in leadership.

“Instructors are scholar-practitioners actively involved in their own professional work,” says Dr. Yoram Neumann, Chief Executive Officer of TUW. “These professors will emphasize real-world problem solving in their classroom lectures to keep pace with major trends in today’s world. And most importantly, Touro has a huge focus on faculty supervision with their students. The course has built in mechanisms all along the way for professors to help students develop and move along their research proposals.”

The program will give students a comprehensive understanding of the theories and research needed to expand competencies in their profession. It will help students as they face the challenges of individual and institutional functioning in today’s technologically sophisticated, media-connected, and culturally diverse global environment.

Interested students should visit or call 888-586-5193 to learn how they can apply today.

About Touro University Worldwide:

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