Careers for Those Who Earn a BS in Health Sciences

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For those looking to get into the rapidly growing healthcare industry, earning a bachelor’s degree can open the door to a number of challenging and rewarding fields.

A Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is a degree that can lead to some of the top jobs in the healthcare industry – particularly if students decide to focus on a specific concentration.

Toward that end, Touro University World has designed a health sciences undergraduate program that offers students a chance to focus their education in three areas: healthcare administration, health education and long-term healthcare.

All three – which are offered completely online – offer graduates a chance for a stable position in an expanding field.

Healthcare Administration

Touro University Worldwide has designed its healthcare administration concentration in health sciences for working adults who want to bolster their career and move into management in the healthcare field.

It’s an exploding career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the number of healthcare management jobs to increase 20% by 2026. Specific jobs in the field include:

  • Clinical and laboratory manager
  • Healthcare facility manager
  • Department manager
  • Health information manager

The number of employers offering healthcare administrative jobs is also numerous and varied. For example, graduates can get jobs in hospitals, physician clinics, community centers, social service agencies, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

Median pay for healthcare managers was more than $98,000 in May 2017, according to the BLS.

Long-Term Care

As mentioned above, one of the areas within healthcare administration is management of long-term care facilities. The long-term care administration degree offers graduates a chance to take a lead position in this field. Long-term care has become more important as the population of the United States continues to age.

Places of employment for graduates in the long-term concentration can including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

The long-term healthcare administration degree program at Touro University Worldwide prepares graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. Graduates develop expertise on such issues as ethical decision-making, the economic forces that impact long-term care, the latest political movements in relation to long-term care and how an administrator can become an advocate for quality healthcare and better patient outcomes.

Health Education

As more people – including older Americans – are learning the benefits of preventative care, health education become a bigger part in the healthcare industry. Those who work as health educators can have a positive and significant impact on the lives of many patients.

It’s also a rapidly expanding career. The number of health educators is expected to grow 16 percent by 2026.

Health educators work in a variety of settings. They include government-funded community and social service agencies, nonprofits, hospitals and outpatient care centers.

At Touro University Worldwide, the health sciences degree program with a concentration on health education offers students the chance to develop expertise in area that include assessment of health needs in a community, organizing communities and developing and implementing health education programs.

Healthcare is a calling for most. It is also one of the industries that looks set to grow rapidly in the coming years. Earning a bachelor’s degree in any of these concentrations can prepare graduates for top jobs in this rewarding field.

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