The Advantages For MBA Students Who Focus On Global Management

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) remains the gold standard for entering the professional business world in a management position.

However, employers increasingly like to see job candidates with a specialized MBA. Graduates for these programs are prepared from Day 1 to take on the challenges unique to their profession and industry.

The MBA with Concentration on Global Management from Touro University Worldwide is one such degree. It offers students the chance to prepare for jobs in areas such as international management, global management consulting and international management leadership.

Why focus on global management? Here are some of the reasons it’s worth considering if your interests lie in working in the global business marketplace.

A Different Perspective

Studying in global management expands a person’s perspective beyond just their home country. Businesses already have spread their reach around the world. However, each location presents its own set of challenges with government regulations, local competition and consumer needs. An MBA in global management prepares graduates for these challenges beyond what they would learn in a general MBA program.

Emerging Markets for Global Management

A subset of the above are emerging markets. They present many of the same challenges in terms of working with local governments and satisfying local consumer needs. However, the challenges in infrastructure and other unique situations in emerging markets requires someone educated specifically in handling these complex business environments.

Expanded Professional Possibilities

Earning an MBA in Global Management opens the door to working directly for businesses that are expanding into international markets. It also can lead to a consulting job where graduates provide expertise on international markets for companies seeking to expand into them.

Growing Your Network

Studying global management invariably leads to meeting others who are working in the international business environment. This expands a graduate’s network around the world, something that is advantageous as they move further into their professional career.

A Unique Mix

Unlike general MBA programs, an MBA with a concentration in global management provides a mix of academic expertise as well as the latest in strategies and best practices in a global marketplace. This is a potent mix that cannot be found in other MBA programs that focus more on foundational business practices.

The global business environment has changed how organizations operate. Advances in technology have eradicated the political borders between countries even further. An MBA that focuses on global management prepares graduates for leadership roles in this vibrant, growing area of business.

For those who wish to expand their career and take an active role in the global marketplace, the MBA with a concentration on Global Management could open the door to the career of their dreams.

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