Achieve More Scholarship

Application Deadline:

June 23, 2017

Touro makes scholarships available to assist students with their tuition. With the Achieve More Scholarship, students can receive up to four free courses and 20%-40% tuition scholarship, depending on the degree level and the scholarship option chosen. The scholarship can be applied to any of our online degrees.

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option 1

Option 1

  • Accelerated completion time
  • Free Courses
  • 20%-40% off tuition

option 2

Option 2

  • Steady, more flexible completion time
  • 20%-40% off tuition

option 3

Option 3

  • Always affordable tuition rate

Affordable Tuition

A high return on your affordable investment

Touro strives to make our degrees affordable to every student, so you can recoup the costs of your education more quickly than in the average degree program. Below are the annual earnings for degree holders and cost of TUW’s degrees without any financial aid included.