What Therapist Jobs are Available in the Mental Health Field?

Psychology graduates will find many therapist jobs to choose from with positive career and compensation outlook when they are ready to launch their career.

Can Psychologists Work in Schools With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology?

Many school districts and individual schools either directly hire or have consulting psychologists who work with students, helping them deal early in life with mental health issues. In this role, psychologists work within the education system, assessing and counseling students who experience behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and other issues. Their work can range from aiding

What Can I Do With a Master’s in Educational Psychology?

Educational psychologists study learning methods to understand how students of all ages absorb and retain information in a complex academic environment. Educational psychologists can work in implementing improved teaching methods, training teachers in these methods and also in student testing and data assessment. Educational psychologists require a master’s degree in psychology with a concentration on

Jobs for Psychologists Working With Students

Psychology majors can specialize in areas that most interest them. Here are some jobs for psychologists looking to impact the lives of students.

How to Choose a Psychology Concentration

Psychology is an amazingly diverse field, with the potential for many different career options. Read more about choosing a psychology concentration as this article represents some of the multiple careers in psychology. Take the time to investigate each and decide which best suits both your skillset and interests.