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Jobs for Psychologists Working With Students

As with almost every profession, psychology offers students the chance to specialize in the areas that most interest them.

One of those areas is working with children, teens, and young adults.

Many psychologists have a desire to work with young people. During childhood, many people develop the mental health and behavioral issues that concern them the rest of their lives. In the right job, psychologists can have a positive impact on the development of young minds.

Jobs for Psychologists in Education

Some colleges offer degree programs with concentrations that focus on working with school-age children. They include:

  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education
  • Special education
  • Child and adolescent psychology

Continue reading below for a closer look at each area.

Elementary Education

Psychologists who work with elementary school-age children focus on detecting and dealing with psychological issues early in the student’s life. The idea is to help them with these issues before they worsen.

Elementary education psychologists typically work with students who have been identified as experiencing behavioral issues. They partner with teachers and students to support both a teacher’s ability to teach these students and the students’ motivation and ability to learn. They help identify students who are experiencing delayed development.

In some school districts, elementary education psychologists also work with and find appropriate resources for students who come from low-income homes or dangerous situations.

Secondary Education

Teenagers experience vastly different issues than those at the elementary school level. Secondary education psychologists deal one-on-one with students who are experiencing emotional issues, behavioral problems or academic difficulties. With students of this age, the range of issues is enormous. Psychologists in this area have the expertise to deal with a wide variety of issues and work with teachers, administrators, and parents.

Special Education

In this role, psychologists work with students who have developmental or learning disabilities and are at-risk academically. They develop learning plans and work with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the plans have the best chance for success. 

Psychologists may also work on developing school-wide and district-wide plans that address education issues related to students with developmental and learning disabilities.  For example, school psychologists in special education may work with administrators to create a framework for identifying, treating and supporting students with academic or behavioral issues.  

Other special education jobs for psychologists involve working with consulting companies to develop educational materials for children with developmental issues and for the teachers who work with them. 

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Child and adolescent psychologists may not work directly for the school system but still, work with students of all ages. Some create private practices where they focus on clients of school age. As with those who work in schools, the issues can range from those with special needs to the influence of peer groups and society on students.

Overall, psychology is a fascinating field with many different career paths. For those wanting to work with children, online psychology programs such as those offered by Touro University Worldwide can open the door to many fulfilling jobs.

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