What Can a Generous Transfer Policy do for You?

Transferring college credits is something about a third of all college students do. It is especially important for adult learners, which is why Touro University Worldwide offers a generous transfer policy for classes taken at other schools and, in some cases, for military training and experience.

At TUW, a generous credit transfer policy is built into how the school designs its programs. This is because TUW leaders recognize that students may have stopped progress on their degree previously for any number of good reasons and are now ready to resume their education. Or they want to transfer to a school that offers them a better-quality education.

Whatever the case, the generous transfer policy provides a tremendous benefit.

Transfer Policy at Touro University Worldwide

The school offers a generous credit transfer policy. As a special service to students, TUW officials review transcripts before potential transfer students even apply. That way, students will know exactly what courses they need to take, the cost of the courses, and how long it will take to earn a degree.

Touro University Worldwide will consider credits earned by challenge examination, standardized tests (including CLEP, ACE, DANTES, Excelsior) and credits earned at other institutions if those schools meet university transfer policies.

Here’s a closer look at the TUW credit transfer policy.

Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Policy

TUW will, in general, transfer up to 90-semester credits for those transferring into a bachelor’s degree program. All transferred credits must be from accredited institutions, ACE, CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior, etc. A minimum of 30-semester credits must be earned at TUW.

TUW will accept transfer from community colleges, associate degree programs or four-year institutions only if they are approved by the federal Department of Education.

Master’s Degree Transfer Policy

If the transferred credits meet the general content standards of the TUW graduate program, the school will consider transferring up to 25%  of the semester credits required to complete a specific masters-level program. The exception is the Marriage and Family Therapy Program in which TUW will transfer a total of 12 credits that do not include practicum courses.

Military Training and Experience

TUW may award credit for military training and experience based on evaluation and recommendation by the American Council on Education (ACE). To apply for these credits, veterans must submit Department of Defense Form 214 and/or Form 295 to evaluate training and experience. Students must submit course transcripts. Transfer credit will be granted based on the evaluation of all coursework taken.

For more detailed information, look at the webpages for the traditional transfer credits and non-traditional transfer credits. TUW also has partnered with other academic institutions to make the transfer process easier for students at these schools.

Why A Generous Credit Transfer Policy is Important

A generous transfer policy is a major plus for students, especially for working adults who are already in the workforce. They may have to switch schools at least once during their academic career.

For example, many people take classes at a local community college after high school graduation but then go into a job and don’t resume their academic career until years later. Whatever the specific reason, about one-third of all students will transfer colleges before graduation, according to the Princeton Review.

For those who find themselves ready to start a program at a new school but who have credits to transfer, it’s worth considering Touro University Worldwide. The school combines high-quality education with a generous credit transfer policy that offers an excellent benefit to adult students.

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