Five Opportunities that Having a Master’s in Psychology Opens Up

Some fields necessitate furthering your education more than others, and psychology is certainly one of those fields. For those who have already earned their Bachelor’s degree in psychology, there are a number of great reasons to go ahead and pursue a Master’s in psychology. Listed below are five opportunities that having a Master’s in psychology

Not Just for Counseling: Five Careers in Psychology Other than Counseling

For those earning their degree in psychology, working as a counselor is always a popular and rewarding career choice. What’s more, the job of a counseling psychologist can vary greatly depending on whether you are working in a school, hospital, private practice, or some other organization. With that said, counseling is certainly not the only

Insert More Coins: The Psychology Behind Microtransactions

You have spent 15 or 20 minutes playing a game on your phone but are stuck on a level. Unfortunately, you’re out of plays for the day, but a window pops up telling you it only costs 99 cents for another 10 plays. It’s only a dollar, so you tap and play for another 20

How to Become an Educational Psychologist

  As education continues to evolve and change, educational psychologists will continue studying the ways we teach and learn. The need for educational psychology professionals will always exist, with roles ranging from in-school psychologist to private educational consultant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that positions for clinical, counseling and school psychologists will grow 20

Get the Facts on TUW’s Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree

With jobs in the field of industrial organizational psychology projected to grow 26 percent through 2018, it is increasingly becoming an attractive career option. To enter the field you will need to pursue an industrial organizational degree, such the online Master of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology degree that Touro University Worldwide offers. Learn more

Imposter Syndrome: The Silent Career Killer

When observing highly successful individuals, it’s easy to assume they are confident and comfortable in their jobs. However, some professionals and leaders actually feel inadequate and unsuccessful, despite significant evidence to the contrary. These individuals may feel like a fraud or that they don’t deserve the position they hold at work. Psychologists call this common

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The Science Behind Super Brains

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The Science Behind Super Brains

Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and nearly every famous thinker in history have been commended for their tremendous intellect and ability to see the world in unique ways. Great minds like Einstein and Hawking have had a major impact on society. But what exactly made their brains so “super”? Are people born with these talents or

7 Unique Industrial-Organizational Jobs

Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology focuses on helping workplaces increase efficiency and satisfaction using psychological practices that improve relationships between employees and their management. The industry is growing in popularity, with a projected growth of 26 percent through 2018. But what roles are available in the field? Defining the career path for an industrial-organizational psychologist can be

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Breaking America’s Mental Health Stigma

The United States Census estimates that 57.7 million Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, and The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 40 percent of individuals suffering go untreated annually. Much of the reason why millions go untreated is because of the stigmas associated with mental health disorders and their treatment. For many,

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Industrial & Organizational Psychology Salary Ranges

As the world of business continues to shift in new directions, workplace norms and standards are also changing. New corporate structures and hierarchies are being tested, and a serious discussion on human behavior in the workplace is beginning. This has fueled the growth of industrial-organizational psychology, or the study of human workplace behavior. Because this

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