BSHA Degree Jobs – From Hospital Manager to Insurance Negotiator

From hospital manager to insurance negotiator, the range of BSHA degree jobs is growing. Study online at TUW for your degree in health care administration.

Can Psychologists Work in Schools With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology?

Many school districts and individual schools either directly hire or have consulting psychologists who work with students, helping them deal early in life with mental health issues. In this role, psychologists work within the education system, assessing and counseling students who experience behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and other issues. Their work can range from aiding

Healthcare Administration Career Options

Thursday, 16 August 2018 by
Healthcare Administration Career Options

A degree in healthcare administration prepares graduates to become leaders in the healthcare industry. Here are a few career areas to consider.

Aging Population Drives Need for Long-Term Care Administration

A BS in Health Sciences with concentration in Long-Term Care Administration prepares graduates for leadership positions in the important field of health care.