How the Student Success Center at Touro University Worldwide Benefits Students

Working adults deserve every advantage they can get when they commit to earning a college degree. Touro University Worldwide aligns its mission of providing exceptional online degree programs with comprehensive students support. The school’s Student Success Center aids students through consultation with advisors and valuable educational and career resources.

TUW created the Student Success Center to enhance the university’s personalized academic advising with each student. The center engages with students to foster academic and career success.

The center is a crucial component in how TUW promotes successful student outcomes. TUW operates with a high-engagement student-service model that increases student retention, promotes on-time graduation, and supports students in reaching education and career goals.

TUW Career Resources for College Students

The TUW Student Success Center offers guidance through five main areas. Each empowers students to cultivate the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to become influential decision-makers and life-long learners.

Student Orientation

All TUW students complete an online student orientation program that familiarizes them with the practical details of an online degree program. Topics covered include navigating the online system, finding and accessing resources online (such as the TUW library), technology requirements, and information on advisors and staff members. Students also learn policies regarding refunds, grades, and leaves of absence.

Educational Advisement

An educational advisor is assigned to every TUW student to ensure a successful and productive academic experience. Advisors work with new students,  transfer students, and continuing students. They provide students with a primary contact to discuss whatever challenges they may face at any given time. Advisors manage duties such as:

  • Assisting students with registration
  • Reviewing transcripts and credit transfers
  • Creating degree plans that inform students of what and how many courses they need to complete their degree program
  • Making course recommendations to fulfill program completion
  • Advising students who are considering a change in major
  • Informing students about TUW policies and procedures, enrichment opportunities, and support services
  • Maintaining a positive support system for our students.

Disability Services

Students with disabilities receive all the support they need to succeed at TUW. The university makes all facilities accessible and offers reasonable accommodations for qualifying disabled students as required by the Americans With Disabilities Act and other applicable laws and regulations. To have time to make proper arrangements, TUW asks students who require disabled services to provide appropriate documentation and request accommodations (based on disability) four to six weeks before the start of an academic session in order to meet their needs.

Career Resources

As they approach their graduation date, students benefit from TUW career resources that help them find the best jobs, internships, and other opportunities. TUW offers resources that help students learn networking and job search strategies, research career information, search for jobs and internships, locate volunteer and service opportunities, and more.

The Importance of the Student Success Center

TUW commits to providing high-quality online education. As part of this commitment, TUW provides resources and support that enable students to get the most from their education, maximize their current skills, develop new ones, and transition what they learn in school into their careers.

In doing so, they meet the six factors supporting college student success. As explained in a three-year study funded by the nonprofit Kresge Foundation, these factors are:

  • Directed – Students have goals and are known to achieve them
  • Focused – Students stay on track to achieve their goals
  • Nurtured – Students feel somebody wants to help them to succeed
  • Engaged – Students remain engaged in their education, participating in class and other activities
  • Connected – Students feel part of the college community
  • Valued – Students feel recognized for their skills, talents, abilities, and experiences and appreciated for their contributions

TUW provides comprehensive support to all students, many of whom are working adults earning their degrees online. The university’s administration, faculty, and staff respect the students’ dedication to improving their lives and offer broad support that ensures they have a clear path to attain their goals.

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