“A business is only as strong as its leadership.”

How to be a good leader:

There are many skills that can be attributed to what a good leader looks like to most. Leaders are not born but rather created by learning the necessary skills needed to lead a team in a cohesive and unified manner. A leader is only as good as their team. Learn more about our top 5 leadership skills:


Leaders who can understand how people feel in a given situation and respond accordingly will go far in building trust and respect among their employees. In fact, empathy may help a for-profit company meet sales goals. There are many studies that tie empathy to better business results and enhance employee performance.


Leaders inspire confidence in their employees by quickly making decisions, many of which are tough. Business leaders must act quickly and move on decisions that advance the greater good of the company or organization.


Issues or problems within an organization must be brought to light quickly, and the people in charge are the ones for the job. Modern leaders know the importance of communicating about issues and working with their employees to implement solutions.


By the same token, tenacity and perseverance must be evident in leaders. When issues arise, employees look to upper-level management to gauge how they should react. The focus of solid business leaders should always be on quickly and efficiently finding the best solution for everyone.


Good leaders motivate and praise their employees. They encourage their employees both professionally and personally, and they strive to be people for whom their employees want to work. Their goal is to remain excellent role models for their workforce.

Individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and learn to become great role models may do well to earn a business degree. Touro University Worldwide’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management degree is an excellent place to start down this path, as students learn important management concepts and techniques necessary to lead in a variety of business settings. The program is offered fully online.