Touro University Worldwide Celebrates Military Spouse Appreciation Day

On Friday, May 10, 2013, individuals across the United States will be celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Touro University Worldwide is no exception. President Ronald Reagan began this official celebration of military spouses in 1984. Falling every year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, Americans acknowledge the sacrifice of those left behind and responsible for taking care of the home front. Touro University Worldwide (TUW), a not-for-profit online university, salutes these heroic individuals and their families by offering them tuition assistance and programs that are adaptable to their lifestyles.

The professors and staff at TUW understand many of the challenges military families face as we are committed to our students. The Department of Defense states 85% of military spouses want or need work, but only 35% have a bachelor or advanced degree. During this financially challenging time, TUW continues to engage military service members and their families. Currently TUW is offering active-duty military tuition rates of $250 per credit for BSBA program, $300 per credit for the masters programs, $525 per credit for the doctorate program.

By extending these reduced tuition rates to military spouses and their children, TUW continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping these students. Dr. Yoram Neumann, CEO of Touro University Worldwide, says these families should know they have an ally in TUW. “Military students face the challenges of difficult schedules and lack of access to available campuses and the online environment is a perfect fit for their needs. We also offer [courses] which directly serve the needs of many of our active duty military, as well as those transitioning out of the armed forces into civilian life,” according to Dr. Neumann.

TUW helps students to save money and earn an education that is cutting-edge. For example, TUW no longer requires the use of expensive textbooks that become outdated as soon as they are printed and delivered. Instead, TUW uses current, peer-reviewed scholarly papers.  Equally important, TUW does not have fees that drive up the cost of tuition, such as the standard technology fee, media fee, parking fee, student services fee, and library fee that many on-campus universities have.

It is important for a grateful nation to give honor where honor is due. These courageous military spouses often give up their own lives here to travel abroad to be with their spouses at one of the hundreds of military installations worldwide. For those left behind, they must continue on with life without their spouse by their side.

These initiatives cannot account for all the sacrifices of our military men, women, and their spouses. However, Touro University Worldwide strives to support military families in the best way we can. On Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we honor all military spouses who bravely serve our country too. To decide which Touro University Worldwide degree program is right for you, visit or call 888-586-5193 to learn how you can apply for any of the accredited programs TUW has to offer.

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