Everything You Need to Know About the Marriage and Family Therapy degree at TUW

If you are considering a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), then we encourage you to consider the fully online degree program offered by Touro University Worldwide (TUW). This program is a great option for students who wish to pursue licensure as a marriage and family therapist (MFT) and/or the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). We recently sat down with Kaleena Prate, Assistant Director of the MA MFT program at TUW to discuss the many benefits and advantages of the program. Below are some excerpts from our interview.

A Unique MFT Degree Program

Our program meets all educational requirements set forth by the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California and because TUW is regionally accredited, it also meets the educational requirements for the boards of many other states. Additionally, all courses are taught by licensed professionals. The individuals that make up the faculty are currently working in the field in a variety of different types of settings bringing a unique approach to the learning process.

LPCC License Option

With this particular program, students can also add the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) emphasis. If students opt for this, they will be required to take extra courses, as well as an extra practicum. Upon graduation, they will meet all the educational requirements for the MFT license and the LPCC license.

Support for Students

Even though it is a fully online program, it is still very engaging. The faculty actively communicates with the students via phone, email, and the university discussion boards. This helps to eliminate the feeling of being alone for the course because questions are constantly being answered and addressed.

Additionally, there is a lot of support provided during the practicum process. It begins with a WebEx call with any students who are interested or are ready to start practicum. All the details of the process are covered, including an overview of what courses must be taken before the practicum, the requirements of the practicum, and each step along the way. After a student has completed 30 credits in the program, they are then contacted so the practicum process can be coordinated. This process includes offering any help necessary for their resume, cover letter, and much more. After this is done, students work with faculty to find the ideal practicum site and there is even a list of previous practicum sites that may be an option for the students, according to their geographic location.

Students Finding Their Footing

The combination of the online courses and the practicum create an impactful experience for the students. This is a wonderful process because this is the opportunity that students have to showcase what they have learned during their online courses and then they can put that into action. It is always fulfilling when students realize that they have the knowledge they need to succeed while working at their practicum sites. Through the practicum, the students get the opportunity to work with clients and actually make an impact with clients, using what they have learned throughout their program. Not only do students feel as though they are prepared, but the feedback that is received from the clinical supervisors echoes that sentiment. In the end, students feel as though they know what they are doing, they develop great clinical skills, and they are prepared for life and success after the program.

The education you receive through the online MA MFT program at TUW will translate into your practice and make you a confident, effective therapist with real-world skills and training.

TUW offers very affordable tuition rates. We welcome you to learn more about the MA in Marriage and Family Therapy program by clicking here.

To view an overview of the MA MFT program, please click below.

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