White Hat Hacking: The Important Role that Ethical Hackers Play in Cybersecurity Management

Cybercrime is quickly becoming the new face of organized crime, as global cybercrime damage costs are expected to exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021. To combat this scourge of cyber attacks, cybersecurity professionals often turn to fighting fire with fire by relying on individuals known as ethical or white hat hackers. What is White Hat

The Value of Earning a Business Degree Before Starting Your Own Business

  There’s just something alluring about entrepreneurship. Whether it’s the strive to build something of your own or the potential for wealth that starting a successful company offers, there are plenty of great reasons that lead people to go into business for themselves.​ With that said, the competition in the world of entrepreneurship is as

5 Growing Careers in Public Administration

The need for leaders in the public sector continues to grow. Facing tighter budgets and more constituents to serve, government agencies look for the brightest and best candidates they can find to fill top positions. The competition for such jobs can be fierce. That’s why those who want the best jobs in the public sector

5 Signs You Are Ready To Enroll In An Online MBA Program

At some point in every business person’s career, they begin to consider the idea of going back to school and attaining a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. And why not? An MBA can open the door to challenging, rewarding jobs that are higher up the organizational chart. Many employers now look much more favorably on

Stopping Cybercrime: How an MBA in Cybersecurity Management Prepares You to Take on Digital Threats

In recent years, the frequency of cyber attacks has risen dramatically. At the same time, the economic impact of these attacks has increased exponentially as well, costing the global economy a total of $450 billion dollars in 2016. By 2019, cybercrime is projected to cost the global economy a staggering total of $2 trillion. There

Three Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

In recent years, one particularly rewarding branch within the field of psychology has become that of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology). Businesses – realizing that the effectiveness of their workforce is determined largely in part by the psychological principles that govern the individual employees and the group as a whole – have turned to

Three Traits of Successful CEOs

As the number of new companies continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate, more and more driven entrepreneurs and businessmen and women are able to pursue the role of Chief Executive Officer. If you aspire to become the CEO of an organization, consider working towards attaining these three characteristics that are common to successful CEOs:

The Future of Intrapreneurship

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The Future of Intrapreneurship

The business world is changing, and the intrapreneur – once a role that barely even existed – is now gaining more and more predominance. As companies seek out creative, self-driven employees to expand their brand with new ideas, the future of the intrapreneur looks very bright. What is an Intrapreneur? Intrapreneurs are employees who behave

Flexible Employee Benefits: The Pros and Cons of an Unlimited Vacation Policy

A growing trend among employers is the practice of offering workers unlimited paid time off (PTO). High-profile companies, such as LinkedIn and Netflix, have begun to adopt this policy in the hopes of both attracting competitive candidates and improving employee performance. While some argue for the policy’s effectiveness, others insist that the concept is both

Shuffling the Charts: Alternative Organizational Structures in Business

  Businesses have long used some form of a traditional hierarchy structure to operate. This system involves employees reporting to supervisors, who then have their own supervisors — and so on. Most employees are accustomed to this structure. But is there a better way? More and more businesses are considering alternative organizational structures. Zappos, GitHub,