New education demands are being placed on professionals in an effort to support a new business environment. Powered by advanced technology and emerging communication trends, businesses are able to operate smarter, more efficiently and on a global scale. To support these efforts, businesses large and small, locally and around the world are turning to professionals with a college degree to join their workforce and take on high-powered leadership roles.

Touro University Worldwide offers diverse online degree programs that are grounded in scholar-practitioner orientation to help you succeed in this brave new business world. Students currently enrolled in our degree programs believe in the benefits of a Touro University Worldwide education.

The fully online degree programs deliver cutting-edge knowledge with practical experience so graduates are prepared to enter the workforce for the first time or are given a boost to climb up the corporate ladder. With a degree from Touro University Worldwide, graduates will:

  • Foster intellectual and ethical development for personal and professional growth.
  • Engage in transformative learning experiences.
  • Gain communication, leadership and critical thinking skills.
  • Discover a life of purpose focused on leadership and service.

Touro University Worldwide offers degree programs in a variety of professional fields and at every education level to meet your needs.