You’ve discovered the value of your education by reaching higher and going further in your career through a Touro University Worldwide (TUW) online degree. Influence the path of a peer by sharing your key to success. Refer a friend to TUW and set them on the same track toward success.

And, if you are just now enrolling in a TUW program, recruit your peers to join you in your journey. You can benefit from a larger circle of academic peers.

“We’ve seen great success with students who recruit a co-worker, family member or friend into the same program. Then it becomes an additionally supportive environment with their own ‘satellite campus’ at the local coffee shop, friend’s living room, or library,” said Dr. Yoram Neumann, co-founder of Touro University International and CEO of Touro University Worldwide.

Provide us with your peer’s name and contact information, and we’ll provide them with valuable information about TUW and our online degree programs.

Join the TUW community of family and friends!

Please contact an enrollment counselor at or by calling (877) 868-7690 for information.