5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

5 Ways to Define Good Communication | Effective Communication SkillsIn the workplace, one of the most important skills to possess is good communication. Employers value employees who can communicate effectively; it means they are able to listen to others, as well as successfully relay their own ideas and opinions. While listening and speaking are important in effective communication, there are other skills that are vital to good communication in the workplace.


5 Effective Communication Skills


1.) Listen

Being able to listen to others is imperative in the communication process. This means not only listening with your ears but also being able to comprehend what the person is saying. Giving co-workers your full attention when they are conveying an idea can go a long way in building relationships and furthering progress.

2.) Empathy

Having empathy is very useful in communication. Empathy involves seeing things from the point of view of others. Put yourself in the other person’s position instead of being judgmental or biased by your own beliefs. While this may be difficult for some, empathizing with others can be very helpful to keep in tune with your own emotions and ideas.

3.) Lead by Example

Encouraging others will heighten morale and appreciation in the workplace. By praising and offering words of encouragement, you help others feel they are wanted, welcomed and respected by co-workers. People are much more likely to put forth their best effort if they know they are valued.

4.) Awareness

Being aware of others and their emotions mean being sympathetic to misfortunes and praising positive milestones. To achieve this successfully, you need to know what is going on in other people’s lives. Getting to know co-workers on a first-name basis and holding meaningful conversations through the work week creates a better and more productive work environment.

5.) Body language

Body language can greatly impact how others perceive you in the workplace. Maintaining an extroverted, friendly persona lets co-workers know you are open to hearing their opinions about projects or new designs. Body language is a large part of being empathetic and encouraging. Be sure to maintain eye contact the majority of the time you are speaking with someone, and use hand gestures to help you form clearer thoughts. Smiling is incredibly dynamic and creates a noticeable difference in how you are perceived. People who smile more are seen as more approachable and trustworthy.Your body will respond to these signals and you will feel a physical improvement similar to when you take Advair generic during an asthma attack.


While many of these good communication skills occur naturally in individuals, some may need to be learned and practiced in order to become second nature. Those who earn a Master of Arts in Dispute ResolutionM.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy or a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work can directly apply these good communication skills into the workplace and become highly desired by their employers.


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