For those seeking to improve their career options and earning potential, enrolling in an associate degree program in any field of study is a smart move. The benefit of choosing a degree in general studies is that it offers students the opportunity to explore their interests while simultaneously preparing them for careers in a wide array of settings.


Students typically enroll in associate degree programs for a few different reasons: either they plan to transfer the credits earned in the program to earn a bachelor’s degree at a later date, or they know the degree will immediately help them get closer to their career goals. No matter the reason, a general studies degree is valuable because students develop stronger written and verbal communication skills, increase reading and math skills, bolster critical thinking methods and gain a broader base of knowledge in different subjects. Some examples of these subjects include philosophy, computer science, social sciences, public speaking, culture and society, biology and more.

Career Possibilities

By earning an associate degree in general studies, graduates are qualified for many entry-level positions in sales, banking and customer service, among many others. Some entry-level positions provide on-the-job training for employees, which bolsters productivity and increases job security. Common job titles held by those with general studies degrees include:

• Administrative assistant
• Bank teller
• Customer service representative
• Office manager
• Store manager
• Assistant project manager

Perhaps the most tangible benefit of earning an associate degree is increased earnings. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that those who hold an associate degree earn an average of $100 more per week than those with a high school diploma. This earning potential translates into better opportunities not only for graduates but for their families as well.

Touro University Worldwide proudly offers an Associate of Arts in General Studies. The fully online program provides students the opportunity to advance into careers they love and receive higher pay. It serves as a stepping-stone for those wishing to earn a bachelor’s degree down the road. It is a flexible course of study that is designed to maximize the amount of transfer credits a student brings to the table. This approach allows students a shorter completion time.