With a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and health care administration, you’re in a very good place. The job market is full of possibilities ranging from rehabilitation centers to health insurance companies. Finding your niche may not happen immediately – some people work in two or three different environments within their field before finding the right career. Here’s a list of Bachelor of Science job opportunities you may want to consider:

1. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Clinic: Administrator

• Duties: Administrators at psychiatric rehabilitation clinics are responsible for overseeing all tasks related to inpatient and outpatient mental health care. Charting, managing medication dispensaries and diffusing difficult situations between patients are all common duties.
• Environment: These professionals work in inpatient or outpatient facilities, many of which are affiliated with hospitals. Expect a fast-paced environment that requires multi-tasking and quick decision-making.

2. Health Insurance Company: Specialist

• Duties: Health insurance specialists work for insurance companies and spend a lot of time analyzing medical records. They know how to code and bill clients and their main goal is to make sure the insured’s plan benefits are appropriately applied.
• Environment: These professionals typically work in a large, corporate office setting.

3. Hospital: Health Care Administrator

• Duties: Health care administrators who work in hospitals are responsible for managing, directing and coordinating services. Their primary goal is usually to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency and the quality of services rendered to patients. Depending on the hospital, health care administrators may be responsible for overseeing billing, scheduling and other related HR functions.
• Environment: Health care administrators can work in several different settings, but many choose hospitals due to the higher number of opportunities, room for growth and general stability.

4. Nursing Home: Nursing Home Manager

• Duties: Nursing home managers oversee the day-to-day tasks of running a nursing home. They are responsible for all patients and nurses and CNAs providing their care.
• Environment: These professionals work in nursing homes or other extended-care facilities for the elderly.

5. Private Practice: Administrator

• Duties: Health care administrators who work in private practices are responsible for overseeing all operations, human resources, recordkeeping, finances and other office-related tasks.
• Environment: They work closely with doctors and nurses, laboratory technicians and other health care employees in doctors’ offices or medical centers.

As you can see, the day-to-day work of professionals in the health science and health care administration fields will vary from job to job. However, the one uniting element that runs through each of these occupations is the goal of running or contributing to a smooth operation.

Management skills are of particular importance in this field. The ability to manage teams, budgets, operations and problems – all at once – is key to success. Being able to work with all different types of personalities and sometimes mediate issues that arise between co-workers or employees is of particular value to employers. Additional qualities that employers look for in health sciences and health care administration employees include:

• Adept at listening
• Good judgment
• Solid decision-maker
• Detail-oriented
• Analytical
• Creative
• Problem-solver
• Leader
• Motivational

Education for these careers

You can learn to fulfill all these career roles with a Bachelor’s of Health Science or a Master’s in Health Science from Touro. You will learn the skills necessary to perform these jobs with the most up to date advanced curriculum to prepare you for that entry-level healthcare job or that healthcare administration management role that you desire.