AU-ABC links CCAF graduates to approved, online baccalaureate degree programs from accredited civilian colleges and universities. CCAF graduates can earn a baccalaureate degree by completing no more than 60 additional semester hours beyond their CCAF Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree.

Students participating in AU-ABC with Touro University Worldwide (TUW) are guaranteed to complete their bachelor degree in 60 semester hours or less once they have completed their Associate in Applied Science degree with CCAF.

Point of Contact: Kim Strickler
Phone: 1-818-874-4127


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBA)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBA) degree provides students an opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and advance their business career. Students will acquire essential management concepts and techniques while learning to organize, motivate and lead individuals in diverse public and private business enterprises.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management requires a total of 120 credit hours for completion.

  • General Education (45 credits)
  • Core Requirements (39 credits, includes a 3 credit capstone)
  • Electives (36 credits)
  • Course length – 8 weeks
  • Cost per Credit Hour – $250
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Term Start and End Dates

Year and Term Start Ends
2016 Fall Term I September 6 October 30
2016 Fall Term II October 31 December 25
2017 Spring Term I January 3 February 26
2017 Spring Term II February 27 April 23
2017 Summer Term I May 1 June 25
2017 Summer Term II June 26 August 20
2017 Fall Term I August 28 October 22
2017 Fall Term II October 23 December 17
2018 Spring Term I January 2  February 25
2018 Spring Term II February 26  April 22