Your College Education in the Military

A college education is a goal for many Americans. While some people choose to enroll in a degree program right after high school graduation, active-duty service members have often delayed the start of their college education to enlist in the military. Did you know that you can start earning college credits and earn a college education in the military during your service term? Touro University Worldwide is dedicated to our military students and has made great efforts to ease your college experience during your service. Here are some of the ways Touro University Worldwide has made earning a college degree easier for our active-duty service members:

Fully Online Degree Programs

All of Touro University Worldwide’s degree programs are offered fully online. For military students, this means you can log in to your degree program from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Your degree program is accessible to you whether you are called to duty or stationed at a base.

Flexible Military Drop Policy

Some military service and conditions aren’t conducive for online learning. Touro University Worldwide gives service members a flexible drop or incomplete designation due to military obligations, such as temporary duty (TDY), emergency leave and short notice movement. He or she must provide a letter from his or her commanding officer or education service officer (ESO) on a service letterhead verifying the military necessity and the need to drop the course. Tuition will be 100 percent refunded if the course is dropped during the add/drop period. If not, students will have six months to complete the course for a letter grade.

Military Tuition Discounts

The rising cost of college has phased many people out of the market for a degree. We do not believe our service members should be burdened by the high cost of college. That is why Touro University Worldwide offers service members a 37.5% discount on tuition for all degree programs. Discounted military tuition rates are as follows:

Bachelor’s Degree

$250/per credit hour

Master’s Degree

$300/per credit hour

Doctorate Degree

$525/per credit hour

Military Family Support

Because we realize service members aren’t the only ones making sacrifices within a military family, Touro University Worldwide extends our academic support, including tuition discounts, to immediate family members. We are also active participants in MyCAA—a military program that supports spouses in their pursuit of licenses, certificates or associate degrees in an effort to gain employment. The program also provides career support through Military OneSource Education and Career Counselors. Touro University Worldwide also accepts the transfer of Post 9/11 GI-Bill benefits to dependents and Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance benefits. Learn more on our Military Spouse and Family Education Benefits page.

Military Education Affiliations

Touro University Worldwide has several military education affiliations that offer military students added support, including:

Touro University Worldwide has been invited to participate in the Community College of the Air Force’s (CCAF) General Education Mobile (GEM) program. The GEM program allows airmen to complete general education credits from anywhere in the world. We offer pre-approved general education courses that airmen can later transfer back to their home college and use to complete their degree. Approved courses are in the following categories:

  • Written communications
  • Social science
  • Oral communication
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities

The SOC works to improve voluntary education opportunities for service members. Members of the SOC, including Touro University Worldwide, fully support these four key features:

  • Reasonable  transfer of credit
  • Reduced academic residency
  • Credit for military training and experience
  • Credit for nationally-recognized testing programs

Touro University Worldwide is registered with GoArmyEd, which is an online education portal for military students to request Tuition Assistance (TA), learn more about other Army Continuing Education System (ACES) programs and manage their college education and TA benefits.

Diverse Degree Options

Touro University Worldwide offers diverse degree options that give military students new opportunities in the workforce. We have bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs to meet your academic goals during your military service. Start your academic journey or excel with an advanced degree.

Service members have unique academic needs and require added support to ensure positive academic outcomes in the midst of military service. Our commitment to military students is a top priority at Touro University Worldwide, and our faculty members and staff are leading supporters of your academic experience. Service members can learn more about our education programs as well as our commitment to your academic success on our military education page.

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