MDR 612 International Business Dispute Resolution

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The course is a survey of the global system that supports, regulates and promotes the resolution of cross-border commercial disputes. The course will begin with an introduction to the mediation of international business disputes and review the various model laws and rules which reflect international norms and practices in this area. Following this, students will then turn to the study of international arbitration. As the premier and arguably only binding and truly international means of resolving cross-border commercial disputes, international arbitration merits the bulk of this course’s attention. During this portion of the class, the students will review the conceptual underpinnings of international arbitration, the regulatory framework which supports the enforcement of final awards, the practice and procedures which are most commonly employed, and the interplay between national laws and the conduct of arbitrations throughout the world. Additionally, students will be introduced to growing field of international investment arbitration and state-to-state arbitrations.