As humans we experience both joy and sorrow as threads interwoven in the tapestry of our existence. For me this tapestry unravels the story of a journey marked by an unfathomable loss transforming me from a grieving father into a passionate advocate for children’s health and safety.

The heart wrenching passing of my beloved son Elijah Alavi left an irreparable wound that drove us to create change. Fueled by love for Elijah and a deep desire to spare other families such agony, we successfully pushed for Elijah’s Law to be passed in New York State, Illinois, and Virginia.

Thomas Silvera

Our determination extends far beyond these achievements; we strive to see this vital legislation become nationwide policy. The mission I undertook opened my eyes to a crucial realization: education is key to effecting change. It wasn’t just about changing laws but understanding how effective health management and public health intersects with science, policies, and strategies.

With Touro University Worldwide (TUW)—known for both its high-quality education and robust Public Health program—I felt it was the right institution for me.

One of the significant advantages of studying at TUW is their online learning platform—which gave me vital flexibility in balancing advocacy work alongside family obligations while pursuing a career path within this field. To achieve real progress required more than just knowledge of laws but rather a thorough comprehension of health policy implications on society—further reinforcing why Touro’s programs made such perfect sense for me.

Throughout my academic journey at TUW, I received unparalleled support from its faculty—who were not just educators but also essential pillars of my success. Their vast experience brought both valuable academic perspectives along with on-the-ground experience to further enrich our discussions. They shared my passion for effecting change and gave me everything needed to succeed.

Overall, I cannot overstate how satisfied I am with both the Touro University Worldwide program-quality as well as their unwavering commitment toward accessible education. I acquired both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in policy analysis, advocacy, and leadership during my studies. This educational foundation significantly propels my quest to safeguard children throughout the nation—further motivating my pursuit of the Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc) degree with TUW.

As future TUW scholars, it is important to realize that education is not just about obtaining information; it is a powerful tool guiding us through life’s uncertainties. By utilizing this tool, we can create positive and meaningful change within our world, rise above difficult circumstances, and convert hardships into success stories. Much like how beautiful flowers bloom with proper care even amidst unfavorable conditions, TUW’s education is the care-package for growth towards individual goals.

Education has a transformative nature: breaking down barriers, unlocking new potentials for success, and transforming tragedies into impactful solutions—thus giving testimony to its significance. So let us embrace our academic journey headlong! As someone who has had the privilege to receive higher education, it is important to understand how this experience can shape one’s entire worldview. With each passing day comes new opportunities for personal growth and evolution—all thanks to academia offering its vast wealth of knowledge.

Through Elijah’s story comes inspiration: no matter how difficult life might seem at times or what obstacles might be thrown your way, there is always hope waiting on the other side if we work hard enough and persevere through challenges encountered throughout our journey.

Remember always keep purpose near; it is imperative that every lesson learned holds meaning when placed in larger context issue where you can create lasting impactful change. Go forth with courage, resilience, and a heart ablaze with determination. Let your education at TUW be the catalyst that propels you into a future where your actions—fueled by knowledge—create ripples of positive change. You are not just a student, you are a torchbearer, poised to illuminate the world with the light of wisdom and compassion. Let your journey begin.

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