Air Force General Education Mobile (GEM) Program | CCAF | TUW.eduTouro University Worldwide is proud to be one of a select few academic institutions invited to participate in the Community College of the Air Force’s (CCAF) General Education Mobile (GEM) program. As a partner institution, TUW provides USAF members with the ability to fulfill their general education requirements in a non-traditional setting.

Through the GEM program, Airmen can complete CCAF’s 15 semester hours of general education requirements online from anywhere in the world with Internet access. That means that USAF members can work toward earning their associate degree through the Community College of the Airforce whether they are on temporary duty or deployed. US Airforce members are able to earn their degree faster, without interruption.

In many circumstances, the final 15 semester hours most CCAF students need to complete in order to earn their AS degree are the five general education courses: Oral Communications, Written Communications, Mathematics, Social Science, and Humanities. The GEM program helps you get ahead. Earning credits for Gen Ed courses will set you up to earn a bachelor’s degree even while you are unable to attend a traditional campus.

Previous College Experience

Are you a USAF member with previous college experience? If so, you may have taken courses that respond to one or more Gen Ed courses, meaning you’ll be able to reduce the number of courses you need to take to earn your AS degree through GEM. An admissions advisor can give you more information.

TUW proudly offers the following general education courses that have been pre-approved by the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).  Students taking courses at TUW for transfer back to their home college should enroll as a non-degree-seeking student.

[subtitle]Approved Courses[/subtitle]



Written Communications

  • ENG130: English Composition and Reading (3 Semester Hours)
  • ENG202: Expository Writing (3 Semester Hours)

Social Science

  • PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology (3 Semester Hours)
  • SOC 102: Introduction to Sociology (3 Semester Hours)
  • HIS 120: U.S. History and Constitution (3 Semester Hours)
  • HIS 155: History of the Jewish People (3 Semester Hours)
  • ECO 102: Microeconomics (3 Semester Hours)
  • ECO 202: Macroeconomics (3 Semester Hours)
  • CUL 230: Culture and Society (3 Semester Hours)
  • ANT 102: World Culture (3 Semester Hours)



Oral Communication

  • COM104: Speech (3 Semester Hours)


  • MAT 106: College Algebra (3 Semester Hours)
  • MAT 108: Calculus I (3 Semester Hours)
  • MAT 200: Calculus II (3 Semester Hours)
  • STA 206: Introduction to Statistics (3 Semester Hours)


  • ETH 106: Introduction to Ethics (3 Semester Hours)
  • ART 108: Art Appreciation (3 Semester Hours)
  • PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy (3 Semester Hours)