Online Master’s Degree in Psychology with Concentration in Child and Adolescent Development

Children are our future; you can help them by understanding their developing minds and helping build a brighter, greater future for our next generation.

The Online Master of Arts in Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development Concentration at TUW provides its graduates with the knowledge and competencies for working with children and adolescents. The program aims at understanding concepts and theories relevant to the growth and development of children and adolescents in a psychological context focusing on the development and behavior of children and adolescents, addressing social, mental, and educational challenges and promoting positive outcomes.

Students in the Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development are guided by scholar-practitioners faculty with real-world cases to hone their knowledge of psychological services to evaluate, support, and understand research regarding children and adolescents who may have mental health disorders.

Students will study problem-solving skills, mental development, emotional development, behavioral issues, trauma and loss, and health-related problems among infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents to better the lives of children and adolescents.

The 36 credits Master of Arts in Psychology Program at TUW can be completed in one year as a full-time student and prepare students for careers working in areas of:

  • Child welfare
  • Working with children in preschools and K-12 Education systems
  • Working with parents on developing skills for good parenting
  • Healthcare systems supporting children in needs

In settings such as:

  • Schools (K-12)
  • Consulting
  • Private corporations
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Government settings
  • Healthcare clinics

TUW students who have completed their Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development can further their academic skills and strengthen their academic record by pursuing the TUW Doctorate of Health Sciences or the PsyD in Human and Organizational Psychology program.

What makes this MA in Psychology program different?

  • 100% online
  • Affordable tuition
  • Nonprofit Accredited University
  • No residency required
  • Finish in one year*
  • No GRE required
  • Accelerated admissions process
  • 6 starts throughout the year
  • 8 weeks session
  • Learn from scholar-practitioners with expertise in the industry.

*Degree can be earned in 12 months by those who take two courses per term for six consecutive terms.

Note: This degree does not lead to any form of licensure.

Tuition Information

TUW’s tuition is $500 per semester credit. A range of tuition assistance programs are available to prospective students to help reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with continued education, including scholarships and students loans. Many employers offer tuition assistance programs, so speak with your human resource representative to find out if additional financial support is available to you. TUW tuition assistance counselors are available to determine your eligibility for financial aid and other tuition assistance programs.

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Program Requirements

Students must complete 12 courses. Nine required courses and three elective courses.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking to attend in TUW must meet one of the following criteria to be considered for admission:

  • Have earned a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Transfer student from another college/university’s graduate program in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.75).

Students, who meet one of the above criteria, will be required to complete the following steps in order to be admitted and enrolled:

  1. Submit an application to the University.
  2. As a non-profit organization committed to serving the underserved, Touro University Worldwide has waived the $60 application fee for all prospective students.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. Transcripts must come directly from the issuing institutions. Students who completed college coursework outside the United States must have their transcripts translated and evaluated. (See Foreign Credit for additional information.) Students are required to complete step 3 by the end of their first term of enrollment.

As a non-profit institution committed to serving the underserved, Touro University Worldwide has waived the $60 application fee for all prospective students.