The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBA) degree with an Economics concentration at TUW is designed for students to learn in-depth about the basic economics principles and the economics laws governing free markets, competition, and economic activities. Some of the main areas of study are demand and supply, profit maximization, GDP and employment, fiscal and monetary policy, banks and financial systems, money and interest rates, and competition in perfect and imperfect markets. In addition, the BSBA Economics concentration prepares students to undertake more advanced graduate studies in business and other related disciplines such as finance, marketing, management, banking, etc.

Students enrolled in the BSBA Economics concentration acquire skills in economics, finance, and market competition through solid theoretical training and practical real-life problem-solving skills necessary to analyze and identify solutions to various business problems.

The Economics degree is convenient for working professionals because it is offered 100% Online, in a flexible and affordable format. Students are able to learn firsthand from industry experts and then apply that knowledge immediately on the job.


TUW presents a flexible course of study by offering the business management degree online. The degree is designed to maximize the number of transfer credits counted toward the degree, resulting in a shorter completion time. Drawing on TUW’s exceptional professional practice faculty, students learn firsthand from industry experts who bring relevance to the classroom. Students can immediately apply the lessons learned in the classroom to their current job while preparing to advance their careers to the next level.

Through careful selection of elective classes, students in the BSBA program can leverage their knowledge for additional academic and practical programs in areas such as human resource management, project management, marketing, operation, supply chain management and more.

Student Centered

The BSBA program is student centered in a number of ways. Class sizes are limited and more personal, so you receive more of your professor’s time. All TUW professors are carefully selected for their credentials and passion as an educator.