Generics of Sildenafil: Contraindications and Precautions

Probably few people need to explain in detail what Viagra generics are. In short, these are analogs of a branded drug that are manufactured by companies other than the inventor company. They are sold under other brand names and are often produced using state-of-the-art technology such as orodispersible film and other innovations. Meanwhile, the manufacturer of the original drug always adheres to the classic scheme: traditional pills.

The active substance of both Viagra and any of its generics is Sildenafil citrate. It is an inhibitor of the enzyme PDE-5, which improves erection by increasing blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis and dilation of the arteries in the genital area.

Generics of Viagra are used to combat erectile dysfunction of psychological, physiological and mixed etiology. They are not used in cases where the weakening of potency is caused by endocrine reasons, such as a violation of the production of male sex hormones, since they don’t have any effect on the endocrine system, are not aphrodisiacs and cannot increase libido.

Viagra is a fairly serious medicine with many nuances in its use, from dosage to the general expediency of taking it. So, quite often men resort to the help of generics of Viagra, when it would be better for them to normalize their lifestyle and diet than to be treated with such strong medications. In addition, Viagra is contraindicated in many patients, or they have restrictions on its use. So, generics of Viagra should be avoided by men with severe hepatic impairment, decompensated cardiovascular diseases, including severe heart failure, unstable angina pectoris, stroke or myocardial infarction suffered during the last 6 months, uncontrolled arrhythmias, severe arterial hypertension or hypotension. Other contraindications include hereditary retinal diseases, acute gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, glucose-galactose malabsorption, hypersensitivity to sildenafil.

Generics of Viagra must not be taken by patients receiving continuous or intermittent donors of nitric oxide, organic nitrates or nitrites in any form. This is due to the fact that Sildenafil enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrates, which can lead to a fatal drop in blood pressure. It is also forbidden to combine Viagra with other drugs from the category of PDE-5 inhibitors. Concomitant use of ritonavir is another contraindication for using Viagra.

Precautions when taking generic Viagra include conditions such as anatomical deformities of the penis, in particular angulation, cavernous fibrosis or Peronei’s disease, a predisposition to priapism (episodes during life), an episode of development of anterior non-arteritis ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve in history, concomitant use of alpha-blockers, class III heart failure. In such cases, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an urologist about the safety and appropriateness of using this medication.

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