It’s a common lament among people considering a college education: “I don’t know what major to choose.” Admissions counselors tell worried students that any college degree is, of course, preferable to no college degree at all. That’s certainly true. The best solution for students who are unsure of a major is to go the general studies route.

Students who earn a degree in general studies have endless options when it comes to what fields they can pursue after graduation. Common areas include:

• Nonprofits and human services
• Management
• Media
• Marketing
• Sports and recreation
• Entertainment
• Government or law enforcement

Many employers with open positions that don’t require specific skill sets seek out those with general studies degrees; these candidates are well-prepared, as they’ve gained a solid knowledge base, developed written and verbal communication skills, learned good judgment and can solve problems using their critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.

A degree in general studies is often cited as the most personally rewarding degree program available to students. Because its focus is so broad, students are able to remain interested in their coursework throughout the duration of their education. They study their favorite subjects, as well as those that are completely foreign to them. This broad focus often sparks inspiration in students — inspiration that calls them to go on to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in areas they’re most passionate about.

The multi-disciplinary approach of a general studies degree and the opportunity students have to carefully select coursework based on their individual interests and career goals make this option an excellent way to prepare for graduate school.