A psychology degree can be useful in a variety of jobs. Because psychology involves the study of human behavior, graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to understand fields such as criminal justice, business, mental health, public health, community services and research.

Career Options for Graduates With a BA in Psychology

Psychology graduates who want to pursue a career in the business world might want to consider becoming a human resource assistant. A human resources assistant has a number of job duties: administering screening tests and procedures for potential employees for a company, answering public inquiries about services provided and taking care of hiring practices. The average salary of a human resources assistant is $38,980, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Another excellent entry-level position is a human service assistant, such as mental health aides, community outreach workers and case management aides. They assist clients concerning their social and welfare needs. The average salary is $28,850, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment of human service assistants is expected to increase 22 percent by 2022, which is almost double the rate of all occupations.

Market research analysis is also a popular choice for psychology graduates. Market research analysts gather and evaluate data concerning public attitudes, customer satisfaction, policy effectiveness and political climate. They use the data and their findings to make recommendations to their clients. This occupation is expected to grow 32 percent by 2022. The average salary is $60,300 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Options for Graduates With an MA in Psychology

Job possibilities expand with a master’s degree in psychology. Individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in counseling or therapy may consider getting a master’s degree in psychology. However, therapists must go beyond their degree requirements and meet the licensing requirements in their state.

To apply psychology to the business world, individuals can consider positions like a program manager for a nonprofit organization or a human resources manager. The fastest growing occupation that requires a master’s degree in psychology is industrial and organizational psychology. The field of industrial and organizational psychology is expected to grow 53 percent by 2022, the BLS reports. The average salary for an industrial and organizational psychologist is $83,580.

Career Options for Doctors of Psychology

Psychologists who earn a Doctor of Psychology degree (PsyD) have the opportunity to apply their education in the workplace in numerous ways. Job prospects are best for psychologists who have a doctoral degree in a specialty like organizational psychology, leadership psychology and industrial psychology.