The decision of whether to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree requires thought. Is earning an MBA worth it? On the one hand, individuals with an MBA usually earn a higher salary, have access to better networking and career opportunities, and possess greater knowledge about the world of business. On the other hand, students in an MBA program must be ready to work hard and devote time to their studies.

MBA programs help students develop the skills they need to manage a team of employees. Students learn about financial principles, marketing, communications and more. The goal is to help students be successful in upper-level management roles. They gain a deep understanding of advanced business concepts and trends that shape the economy. Graduates can supervise business endeavors such as accounting, human resources and marketing within a company or organization.

Those who are driven and motivated by the prospect of career advancement should invest in their education; master’s degrees are a huge step in a positive direction for those who wish to increase their earning potential. An MBA is a great way to stand out in sales, finance and upper-level management.

Some MBA programs offer concentrations. Students with specific career goals should choose the MBA concentration that will prepare them for leadership in their chosen field. Concentrations afford students tremendous opportunities to pursue rewarding careers in areas they’re passionate about.

Graduates of MBA programs can expect to earn $1 million more over the course of their working lives than those without MBAs, Fortune reports. Here are six of the most attractive careers for an MBA graduate, including median annual salaries as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. IT Manager: $131,600
  2. HR Manager: $104,440
  3. Information Security Analyst: $90,120
  4. Management Analyst: $81,320
  5. Financial Analyst: $80,310
  6. Operations Research Analyst: $78,630

Many MBA grads go on to do consulting work in a variety of exciting fields. The option to be self-employed as a consultant is an attractive benefit for many people, and an MBA lends the credibility necessary to take that path.