Best Degrees for Military Officers

Military officers who are seeking a seamless transition into civilian life after their military service or who are looking for new career opportunities within the military should consider an advanced college degree to maximize career options. [pullquote]      Touro University Worldwide is a military friendly school that offers some of the best degrees for military officers continuing their education.[/pullquote]

All degree programs offered at TUW are fully online, giving you complete control over your course of study. Military officers stationed in the United States or overseas can access our degree programs with an Internet connection and dedication to a better future. All programs are learner-centered and have limited class sizes, both of which promote an engaging learning environment and foster a collaborative academic experience. Our instructors are highly qualified academic professionals who have been selected for their academic and experiential credentials along with their passion for teaching.

Check out some of the top degree programs offered at Touro University Worldwide for military officers.

Master of Business Administration (MBA):

The MBA is a traditional degree for an untraditional work environment. The military is calling on service members to consider continuing their business education to facilitate strategic growth and operations within the military and other government departments. And, business leadership skills gained through the program, coupled with your military experience, can also help outside of the service.

Touro University Worldwide’s MBA bridges quality curriculum with accessibility and convenience for military professionals called to service or currently on active duty. Course work incorporates diverse business applications for a practical academic experience with immediate returns. Students are exposed to a multitude of business competencies, including:

  • Communications
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Organization behavior
  • Management
  • And more

You can build on your career momentum as a military officer by getting an online MBA.

Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology:

People drive successful organizations, and the military is no exception. Understanding how employees and personnel relate to one another, communicate with each other and collaborate is important for business leaders who manage teams, as well as military officers leading troops.

Touro University Worldwide’s M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology applies the principles of psychological science to help organizations function more effectively. Program outcomes are focused on getting students to establish a connection between happy, productive workers and profitability and efficiency. Curriculum will touch on issues such as low morale, low productivity, ineffective processes and a lack of teamwork. This area of psychology is one of the fastest growing specialty areas in the field and has immense value in the military.

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy:

Military families can face many issues and challenges during their loved one’s service that greatly affect their family dynamics. Marriage and family therapists navigate the unique relationships within families and society to create holistic patient treatment plans. This type of therapy differs from other mental health professions because of its focus on:

  • Treating couples and families as a system rather than individuals
  • Modern day issues affecting families
  • Using a broad understanding of interpersonal relationships to identify and treat mental health problems

Officers seeking counseling careers in the military will benefit from Touro University Worldwide’s M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy. These specialized therapists can act as part of a broader health care team by treating service members and veterans, and fostering an overall sense of well-being among troops.

Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology:

Military objectives align with those of the general workforce in terms of maintaining a positive staff with high morale, productivity and efficiency.

Touro University Worldwide’s Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology gives you an opportunity to build on your academic experience in organizational psychology and establish a greater understanding of effective implementation of psychology in the workplace. The program builds on gained competencies from our master’s program and provides deeper, more profound insights into the profession of human and organizational psychology. Students can choose among three distinct concentrations that bridge theory with critical practice. Concentrations are:

  • Individual change and development
  • Organizational change and development
  • Leadership and innovation

You will control your course through guided research efforts and course work. Graduates will be better equipped to conduct applied research that results in establishing real-world solutions.

You can have a long career in the military through the support of continued education and advanced academic programs. Touro University Worldwide is a military friendly school that has a strong commitment to our service members. Learn more about our military benefits and discover a degree program that is on target with your career goals.

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